How To Increase Your Client Lifetime Value

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Right now, with the current pandemic underway, you may be concerned not only about your loved ones but also about how your personal training business can stay afloat. Eventually, isolation periods will end and you’ll be able to continue your business again. But in the meantime, you should develop a strategy that ensures you deliver lifetime value to your clients. This will give you a loyal client-base that will make your personal training business future-proof.

With satisfied clients come recommendations and word of mouth (WOM) marketing. Up to 92% of consumers trust WOM above all other forms of advertising, according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report. The journey for each client is a personal one, so it’s up to you to provide an inviting, exciting and engaging environment for them to become loyal to your brand.

So, what are the best ways to boost customer loyalty to your brand while staying ahead of your competitors? And how can you effectively utilize this time in isolation to ensure that your business stays relevant in the face of new challenges and developments in the industry?

Utilise Digital Technology

Building or improving upon your relationship with clients starts with having an open culture and connecting with them even when you aren’t with them in person. Digital technology can be used to engage with your clients and make them feel more comfortable with you as a trainer.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to build a sense of community around your clients. After all, everyone is using it. Try adding all of your clients to a WhatsApp group or encourage them to interact with you on sites like Instagram. You could also use these spaces to deliver livestream workouts and virtual coaching via apps such as Virtuagym’s new Viruagym @Home service. Hold a bodyweight session on Instagram TV or use social media to create instructional videos and images. You could also use a fitness software to do all of this in one personalized, branded space.

Integrate Wearables

Wearables track member activity and can be used to encourage your clients to stay on track when you aren’t able to workout with them. Monitors can record things like step count, calories burned and sleep patterns, and a body composition monitor that tracks body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and visceral fat. Tracking this can help keep clients motivated and send the clear message that you are interested in helping them achieve their goals even when they are working out without you.

Online Client Coaching

Adding value is essential to increasing your lifetime value for a client. Use webcam sessions or online group sessions to make sure that you are still useful to clients even during this time of isolation. When the dust has settled, they’ll be grateful for your coaching throughout this time and feel even closer to you as a trainer. Offer free sessions to help people struggling financially and you’ll end up with loyal clients that care about you and your business. Clients are more likely to remain loyal if you’re flexible enough to accommodate their needs.

Automate Push Notifications

An easy way of automating your client touch points is with push notifications – those messages that you receive on your phone from an app, even when the app and/or phone isn’t active at that time. The benefit is that these notifications are read a lot more than email: the open rate of push notifications is 40-60% versus 25% for email. So, instead of sending an email to remind clients of a livestream video workout, use a notification. Push notifications can also drive member engagement by notifying members of new profile messages, comments, or challenge invitations, encouraging interaction among your members.

When it comes to keeping clients happy these are all effective, easy-to-implement solutions. Ultimately, connecting, engaging and digitising your services is key. This will not only enhance your clients’ loyalty to your brand, but also help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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