Staying Hydrated While Working From Home

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With the current situation leaving many people restricted to the comfort of their own home and with a mountain of priorities, juggling home office working and schooling, you can easily neglect self-care. So here are to tips to stay hydrated and keep motivation levels thriving with the Quokka Solid Bottle.

Where sublime design meets quality construction introducing the Quokka Solid Bottle. For the team at Quokka the use of stainless steel was essential, thanks to its resistant to corrosion and abrasion properties, in this case its resistance to condensation is a massive bonus when working from home as it means there is no chance of ruining your home office desk with the sight of cup marks. Not to mention the Quokka Solid is easy to clean which is exactly what we need when time is short.

Its double wall insulation makes the Quokka Bottle one of the best thermal insulators, maintaining the temperature of any liquid for longer whether that’s drinks cool for up to 24 hours or warm for up to 12 hours. Which is perfect if your guilty of neglecting your morning brew when that admin task or skype meeting takes a little longer than expected you can still enjoy the pipping heat from your Quokka Solid Bottle.

A fantastic reinvention of the humble drinking flask with a fresh, modern new look. The Quokka Solid is available in a variety of colours and patterns which is exactly what we are all in need of, to help brighten up your desk space and provides a subtle reminder to keep hydrated.

Quokka Solid 510ml or 630ml (Steel, Lime Vibe, Pink Vibe, Teal Vibe, Apricot, Lilac, Rosewood) from £9.00 at Amazon.

Tips for staying hydrated:

  1. Keep a bottle or glass of water on your desk, or by your side, throughout the day.
  2. Remind yourself, or set alarms to take a few sips. 
  3. Avoid dehydrating food and drink (includes coffee!)
  4. Add some flavour with fruit juice.
  5. Eat hydrating foods (e.g. porridge and fruit for breakfast)
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