World’s First Digitally Adjustable Kettlebell Launches in the UK

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 JAXJOX Smart Kettlebell Tipped To Change The Way Brits Workout At Home

Following its successful showcase at CES 2019, fitness technology company, JAXJOX, is set to revolutionise the way Brits work out at home with the UK launch of KettlebellConnect, the world’s first digitally-enabled kettlebell.

The sleek and innovative kettlebell features six weights that can be changed in seconds via an LCD digital display. With the touch of a button, users can select weight in 6lbs increments from 12lbs to 42lbs, providing versatility but without the user having to switch equipment.

The convenient device, which looks like a single kettlebell, can be used by up to nine people. It features a clever bullet stacking system with a rotating weight-selection core that locks in and out of weighted plates, allowing the kettlebell to add or drop weight in seconds. The device uses a cylinder lithium-ion battery which is fully rechargeable in under four hours and holds a single charge for 14 hours.

Equipped with a built-in 6D gyro accelerometer with six-axis motion sensors and designed to be used with an accompanying JAXJOX app, users can track every workout with the highest sensitivity and accuracy.

KettlebellConnect logs the user’s workouts via Bluetooth and automatically uploads the data to the cloud where it is synced to the user’s profile and displayed in the app. Not only does the user get the individual data from the device, but they can also combine data from other fitness trackers such as Fitbit.

Furthermore, after receiving and analysing one week’s worth of workout data, using a proprietary algorithm, the JAXJOX app will calculate the user’s Fitness iQ, a score based on the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation for fitness*. This combined brings a new way to track results and progress towards overall health goals.

Whether the goal is to slim down, bulk out, or improve heart health, the app also features a variety of educational videos with personal trainers that are designed to optimize workouts.

Stephen from JAXJOX says, “KettlebellConnect is the first of several connected fitness products we have patented for release. It’s our goal to bring technological simplicity to fitness, making it easy for people to reach their fitness goals from the comfort of their own home.”

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect retails for £329.99 and is now available in the UK via the JAXJOX website (


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