IDOLFEED – A New & Exclusive Social Media Platform

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IDOLFEED (, a new and exclusive social media platform, has been launched and is aimed at helping self-employed personal trainers & fitness professionals to maintain their client base during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that social distancing has become introduced across the country for the near future, holding one to one sessions in person are obviously prohibited. This means that personal trainers are going to find the next few weeks or months a big challenge, especially if you rely on this as a sole income. IDOLFEED offers some great features that solve a lot of the new obstacles that the industry faces:

  • Exclusive Content – anything you upload can only be viewed by others via a subscription. Share videos of your own home workout tips or upload images detailing a recommend weekly routine
  • 1-to-1 Video Calls – set a fee to create a live training session remotely and start training sessions right away
  • Direct Messaging – you have the option to hold conversations with your clients if you choose to. You can optionally put a price on every message you send, regardless of its content – as an extra way of charging clients for premium content if you wish.
  • File Sharing – along with publishing images, galleries & videos for your followers to enjoy, you can also share files with them directly, perfect for meal and workout plans!
  • Fast & secure – withdrawals are quick and easy, with payment details being kept safe, secure & private. Your regular income is maintained and your customers still get to enjoy the benefits of your expertise

IDOLFEED allows personal trainers to set their own fees for what they charge people to subscribe to their exclusive online content. The same applies for making video calls, for which invites can be sent to clients which prompts them to create an account and join a call instantly. There is no time limit on video calls and you can make as many as you need. IDOLFEED also provides the option to make an account that is free to view if desired. Your clients may like your work so much that they decide they want to “tip” you, of which they can do directly through the platform.

All subscriptions work on a monthly basis, and these can be cancelled at any time if your customers wish to do so, a lot like a monthly gym membership but with much less hassle. If you only plan to do 1-to-1 video calls, a monthly subscription is not required.

Registration is simple, quick and easy. Pick a username, create and design your own profile and start sharing exclusive content right away. The website is free to use with no hidden feeds and every user that joins IDOLFEED keeps 85% of all earnings made on the website. This applies to monthly subscriptions, video calls, tips and paid direct messages.



If you’re interested in keeping your personal training business going during this difficult time and want to sign up for a free account you can do this by visiting or follow us on Instagram (, Facebook ( or Twitter (

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