Brits Set To Consume Almost 40 Billion Calories This Easter

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With Easter egg sales at around 80 million per year, the UK should brace itself for a sugar high this weekend.

At an average of 462 calories per standard egg, research from Myprotein has found that Brits will be scoffing 36,960,000,000 worth of calories on chocolate alone!

What’s this equivalent to?

  • 66,355,475 hours of running – which is almost an hour of running for every person living in the UK!
  • 924,000,000 hours of constant texting, or 13h51mins per person. Though this might not be much of a stretch this weekend?!
  • 195,555,555 hours of Yoga, or just under 3 hours per person. Enough to bring back the post choco-binge zen?
  • It burns roughly 1 calorie to do 1 burpee, so drop and give us 554 to burn your share!
  • And for the domestic goddesses amongst us it’s a total of:
  • 120,784,313 hours of mowing the lawn (1h49m per person)6
  • 236,923,076 hours of sweeping the floor (3h34m per person)6
  • 420,000,000 hours of washing dishes (6h18m per person)6

Easter isn’t the only calorific holiday, there’s also Halloween with 3,190 calories, Valentine’s Day with2,300 calories and Christmas Day with a whopping 5,000 calories consumed per person!

Myprotein’s resident nutritionist, Jen Blow, has some top tips for not letting your hard work go to waste this Easter.

  • Limit sugar: Try and swap some snacks for lower-sugar chocolate treats. Eating a high amount of sugar means your energy is more likely to spike and then drop, leaving you with less energy (and often more calories) overall. However, carbohydrates and sugars themselves are not necessarily always a negative thing. They provide the energy to take on a full workout or just your day)  and replenish glycogen stores after a workout.
  • Keep calories in check: Make sure your treats fit in with the overall calorie intake you’re aiming for, for the day or week. If you overeat occasionally, don’t worry — you can simply cut the calories you’ve overeaten by from the next days’ worth.
  • Watch the salt: In a similar way to sugar, some treats can contain way too much salt. Salt in the diet is essential, but only within reason. As anyone who has actively tried to reduce their salt intake will know that this sneaky seasoning can turn up everywhere! So, just check out the back of the pack and aim for a low amount of salt.
  • Work it off: Gone a little too far with the choccy this Easter? Don’t sweat it — sweat it out! Use those extra calories to fuel your home HIIT session. Or, eat it straight after your workout when your body needs fast-acting carbohydrates the most to refuel your muscles!

Treat yo’self with these classic, yet not ‘too calorific’ options:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Small Easter Egg – calories 392
  • Malteaser Mini Milk Egg & Bunny – calories 421
  • Divine Dark with Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Egg – calories 531
  • Smarties Chicken in an Easter Egg – calories 535
  • Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Easter Egg –  calories 687

Or, perhaps swerve the eggs and try these:

  • Waitrose Almonds – these rich chocolate coated almonds are perfect to opt-out of full on chocolate
  • Cadbury 30% less sugar chocolate – the classic but with significantly less sugar and no added sweetener
  • Galaxy Vegan Chocolate Bar – this chocolate treat is totally vegan and contains only 173 calories per 29g bar

Want to stay fully on track? Myprotein also has some Easter buys to help you treat without the cheat:

Break Bar – our take on the classic confectionery wafer bar but with 90% less sugar and more than double the protein. Only 113 calories per bar!

Chocolate Bunny Flavour Protein – A decadent chocolate treat, minus the ribbon, bell and copious amounts of calories, 103 per shake to be exact.

Creamy Chocolate Flavour Protein – The creamiest, most indulgent chocolate protein powder yet. Only 103 calories per serving.


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