PT Adrian James Removes Subscription Fees

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Top UK Personal Trainer Adrian James Removes Subscription Fees for Popular Workout Apps During Coronavirus Lockdown

One of the UK’s most highly regarded celebrity personal trainers, Adrian James, has removed the subscription fee for his three most popular fitness apps while Britain battles the coronavirus. The PT and sports nutrition brand owner has also reduced the initial sale price to just 99p for all of those committed to getting fit at home.

With the country on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are thought to be struggling with anxiety, depression and mental health issues while confined to their homes. With exercise proven to reduce stress and lift moods, it’s more important than ever to remain active. The popularity of at-home workouts has also soared as gyms and fitness classes have remained closed through lockdown – making a trusted app the perfect partner for anyone keen to maintain their routine during the lockdown.

The trio of fitness apps has been designed to increase your fitness levels, work every major muscle in your body and burn fat. Adrian James apps have racked up over 2 million app downloads and have a loyal following of health-conscious celebrities, sports stars and military service personnel.

Adrian’s programmes require absolutely no gym equipment, meaning you can workout anytime, anywhere. With demand for home fitness equipment skyrocketing since the lockdown and many online stores now sold out of everything from mats and weights to treadmills and cross trainers, these workout programmes provide a refreshingly accessible route to fitness even while embracing isolation. The apps cater to all ages and fitness levels and have been the number one most downloaded in over 50 countries.

PT and app creator, Adrian James said, “This outbreak has hurled us into unprecedented national crisis mode and ultimately into lockdown. People are more desperate than ever to find ways to be active at home. With budgets tight and financial uncertainty looming for many, I wanted to be able to offer something that would help.

“During this crisis, mental health has been put under the spotlight more than ever and with exercise being proven to alleviate both depression and stress, I’m proud to be able to provide the motivation and know-how to work up a sweat at home with my chart-topping apps.”

Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, Adrian James Bootcamp and Adrian James HIIT are all available now on the App Store and Google Play. They are priced at 99p with no subscription required.

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