Fuel the Fight to Support the Hospitality Industry and Feed the NHS

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Campaign raised over $597k in the US and now launches in London

Fuel the Fight is a not-for-profit grassroots campaign to simultaneously feed NHS workers and support the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. It first launched in the US on the 20th March in their bid to feed the front-line healthcare workers in 11 different cities including, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Boston. London is their first global chapter with hopes to roll out across other UK cities. They have raised a total of $615,440 collectively across London and the US to date.

By donating to Fuel the Fight, people are supporting not only the heroic doctors, nurses, receptionists, cleaners, ambulance drivers and individuals risking their lives in this monumental battle, but local, neighbourhood restaurants they’ve come to love.

Since launching in London on Monday 13th of April over £15,000 has been raised, which goes directly to provide retail price meals from restaurants to feed our NHS.

Working as a broker between the restaurants and hospitals, Fuel the Fight uses every penny raised to buy meals at full retail price from restaurants, putting cash directly back into the hospitality industry, suffering devastating effects. The meals are delivered to London based hospitals to feed those working tirelessly in the battle against the virus. The team have so far delivered a total of 165 meals to the likes of, Royal Hospital London, St Thomas’ Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, Homerton Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Those currently involved in the initiative since launching on Monday include Jackson Boxer, of Orasay and Brunswick House, Oren, BAO, LINO, Eggslut and Arabica.

Cole Berman, co-founder:

“My friends and I in Philadelphia started a local fundraiser to support our healthcare workers on the front line and restaurants, who have hit so badly during the COVID-19 outbreak. This expanded across the USA and now we are looking at a global campaign, we don’t know how long this is all going to last but we intend to be here to support restaurants and those who are risking their lives as long as necessary”.

Fuel the Fight was launched by a group of friends on the 20th of March in the US. What started as a group of six in Philadelphia has now expanded to over 70 people across the United States and UK.



Donation link https://www.gofundme.com/f/fuel-the-fight-london




Fuel the Fight relies on charitable donations alone to bring sustenance to those whose bravery knows no bounds. 

Twitter @fuelthefightUK

Instagram @fuelthefightlondon

How it works

  • Donations are made via the gofundme link
  • 100% of proceeds are used to buy meals from partnered restaurants to feed the NHS
  • Restaurants will be notified in advance of meals to be prepared and paid on day of delivery
  • Restaurants can provide an amount of meals that works for them: usually 20 – 45 portions, priced at around £10 per person 
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