How to Grow your PT Business and Brand

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Hey! Alex Crockford here.

I’ve teamed up with PT Today to bring you a new column aimed at offering guidance and support to all your PTs out there.

For those who are new to me, I’m a PT and fitness model, CROCKFIT founder with 10 years in the game and I love everything about our industry and the people in it.

Alex Crockford

And how did I get to where I am today? Hard work, determination and a lot of sweat.

To kickstart my column, I wanted to share my experience and advice on how to grow your PT business and brand – it’s the number one question I’m asked.

So here are my top tips and the advice/things I wish I’d known when venturing into the industry.


Top 3 tips to grow your brand & business online

  1. Value

For your online following and business to improve, you need to offer value to others.  Some PT’s worry that if you give all you know for free, then you’ll have nothing more to give to paying clients. This isn’t true – aim to give as much as you can in your content!

      2. Authenticity

Stay authentic to not only being yourself, but also your core values, what you believe in, and what you enjoy teaching. It’s very easy to see someone else doing very well and then you start to adjust your content, even if it’s not your area of expertise.

     3. Testimonials

Just because you’re starting out online, doesn’t mean that you can’t express your success as a PT already. This is a chance to show your future followers what you have on offer. Share transformation pictures and written quotes from your clients!

Top 3 things I wish I’d known

  1. Chasing numbers & success

When I started out I compared my success to my competitors. All that matters is your own journey, your own community and understanding what kind of business you’d like to build.

 2. Business mind

When I started to build my business I invested a lot of time learning all about behind the scenes, such as building a website, creating automation, corporation taxes, marketing, advertising, graphic design , editing and more. Which I found very useful.

       3. Evolution

Early on, I remember feeling overwhelmed about the thought of having to have it all figured out and perfect from the beginning. You can launch a business and still learn as you go along. You are always growing.



If you have the time and passion to grow a business it is doable and very rewarding. Doing something that I love every day as a job is something that I am grateful for!

Alex Crockford




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