10 Instagram Hacks to Boost your Fitness Account

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Nowadays there are loads of ways to promote and market your business – free of charge! This is especially true for those operating in the fitness industry, which has been on a rapid incline for the past decade. Apps such as Instagram have transformed businesses for the better. Ever-increasing competition in the business world means it is necessary for companies and brands to connect to their audiences in the most effective way.

Currently, Instagram is one of the best social media for gym or fitness studio owners to market their brand. Instagram has attracted more users than any other social media website, with numbers reaching over 150 million. As a fitness studio owner, you have probably invested a great deal into your gym’s Instagram. Build on that by following the advice below and you will generate exponential growth for your fitness business. If you want to know how to become Instagram famous, have a look at this 10 tips for all gym owners to develop a successful Instagram strategy.

1. Open a business profile

In 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature: the business profile. This gives you access to further tools and features such as Instagram insights, contact information, Instagram adverts and more. These features bring in many benefits for your business, free of charge. Instagram insights will give your fitness business all the essential data regarding your account and how your posts perform.

This allows users to see which content works best; it also offers a clearer picture of what content is most successful, so that you can continue to post content that works.It also includes a contact button, usually through email or direct message which is convenient for new followers that might want to join your gym community or have questions about it. An indispensable element of having a business account is the contact button which allows users to contact you more easily.

2. Make sure your profile looks professional

Fill out all the areas on your gym’s Instagram account. Ensure that the picture you use is professional, that you have a catchy bio and a link to your website for any curious followers. Your bio should be clear and give prospective followers a clear idea of what your business is all about. Why should they follow you?

Perhaps you could give them some idea of what they can expect if they do. Remember that making your page look professional doesn’t mean it has to be dry. If possible, try to incorporate some humor – don’t be scared to throw in a funny emoji or a play on words. In order to make sure your picture is professional-looking, make sure that it is high-quality and accurately represents your brand. You could use a company logo here or a headshot of the face of your brand.

3. Only post high-quality pictures

And it’s not just your profile pic that should be great quality. High-quality images are the recurring theme amongst all well-performing Instagram feeds. Ditch the grainy selfies and the blurry mirror pictures and invest in a great camera or smartphone. 📸

Capture your gym, people that come to your gym (with their permission), and any other exciting and interesting things that you think would make great content. That could be anything from new gym equipment to your staff doing a plank challenge. But, always make sure it’s an “Instagram-worthy” post. That means asking yourself what value it brings to your followers. The best posts are those that inform and entertain.

4. Have an aesthetic Instagram feed

Editing your posts using apps like VSCO and SnapSeed automatically gives them a “bling”. Nowadays, many brands adopt themes for their Instagram feeds which attract many different types of audiences, and this is why it is important that you learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed. Invest time into editing your posts so that anyone who lands on your profile is automatically “wow-ed”.

Still wondering how to have an aesthetic Instagram feed? See the example below of how United States’ indoor cycling company SoulCycle uses a reoccurring yellow theme to develop the aesthetic of the brand’s Instagram account.

5. Create a content calendar

To maximize reach and to guarantee variety, create a content calendar where you schedule the different types of posts you want to share. Some popular examples include:

  • Monday: Motivational Quote with the hashtag #mondaymotivation. This can be a quote or even a client story. Remember to align these motivations with your target audiences’ fears or obstacles. Inspire them to follow you.
  • Tuesday: The fitness industry loves #transformationtuesday and gives you an ideal day to post a customer before and after photo. You could also opt for Tips and Tricks on Tuesdays and offer your clients a good drill, or just a little hack!
  • Friday: #FridayFitness – now is the time to share all of your workout related posts in order to get the attention of the online fitness community.

6. Share success stories

Even if you are posting “#transformationtuesday”‘s already, everyone loves an inspiring and motivational solo success story. Share your client’s journey using before and after pictures with their permission, of course. This will encourage aspiring people to begin achieving their own goals and engage in your fitness business. This acts as social proof of the popularity of your business and has been proven to encourage more engagement. 🏆

7. Engagement is everything

Write humorous and talkative captions on your Instagram posts that encourage people to comment and help you engaging with your audience. Ask questions or your follower’s opinions on certain things such as diets, workouts, and new additions to your gym. Instagram’s algorithms are moving away from number counts such as followers and likes. That means engaging with your audience is much more important than simply encouraging them to double-tap.

8. Target your audience with ads

Like most major social platforms, Instagram has a powerful ads platform that allows you to target customers. The platform is driven by Facebook’s powerful targeting options, and you can send the same ad across both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram automatically targets people who are looking for the gym service you provide so your Instagram account reaches people who could potentially be followers or clients.

Take full advantage of Instagram stories to make sure you reach a wider audience. Instagram Stories are a great way to keep your brand a priority, as the story appears right at the top of the main feed. If your followers regularly engage with the photos in your feed, your story will appear near the beginning. It’s the best way to give your clients and other followers a sneak peek into your life as a gym owner. Another clever piece of advice is to use the stories for personal activities as well, such as healthy grocery shopping, sportswear shopping, going for vacations, etc.The example below shows a selection of Instagram story posts from London-based gym Third Space. These posts all follow a similar aesthetic and provide additional value to followers including a playlist, workouts and even recipes.

9. Post workout routines & inspirational quotes

Team up with an experienced personal trainer and curate new workout routines that cater to different types of people. You’ll find a lot more tagging in the comments as people rush to show the new workout they found on your account to their gym buddy.

Remember to upload motivational and inspiring content as well. Everyone knows the fitness industry requires lots and lots of motivation all year long. Post inspiring and encouraging quotes from time to time for anybody who might need that little jump-start to head back into the gym and continue their fitness journey.

10. Regram other gym brands

Sharing is caring. Regram other exciting and inspirational gym-related posts on your account to help forge any possible collaborations in the future.

Marketing your fitness social media account is a great way to get more eyes on your content and land some new customers. While managing a social media account for any industry can definitely be a full-time job, anyone can use these time-saving tips to get started today.

By Melania Armento- Visit https://business.virtuagym.com/ for more

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