The Easiest 20g of Protein Ever!

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The market for protein drinks is (to put it mildly!) a crowded one with a variety of options available that should make it easy for clients to top-up their protein intake. However, in the UK there is a big gap between people exercising and consuming sports supplements: In the UK 58% of adults exercise 2x per week or more, but only 31% use any type of Sports Nutrition Product. Getting your client to increase their protein intake isn’t always easy and 44% of consumers say they can’t find a sports nutrition product that tastes nice. 

This is where Vieve Protein Water comes in to help out both PTs and their clients. Vieve stands out by offering a protein drink which is water based, high in protein (20g per bottle), sugar and dairy free, and superior in taste to anything else on the market. Vieve is the world’s first high protein drink to use collagen as its primary protein source, offering an easy-to-drink alternative to dairy based drinks & powders which have traditionally dominated the category. 

Collagen offers a range of benefits outside of just muscle repair and growth provided by traditional whey & milks based protein drinks. Traditionally recognised benefits include reduced joint pain, easier digestion, plumper & more hydrated skin, strong hair & nails, and more efficient muscle growth and recovery.  As such, Vieve is great for recovery across a wide range of exercises.  

While collagen is still fairly new within the realm of physical fitness, it has been recently endorsed by the IOC on a limited list of supplements which may aid or have the potential to assist with training capacity, recovery, muscle soreness and injury management. Expect it to become more mainstream in 2020 and beyond…  

One of the unique differentiating things about utilising collagen vs our competitors, is it allows Vieve to be a 100% dairy free product. One in five adults in the UK believe themselves to be lactose intolerant, so this product targets a whole new segment of consumers who would avoid dairy drinks. 

As well, collagen proteins are already broken down into peptides, so they are much easier to absorb and don’t leave you bloated in the same way that milk or whey based drinks do.  Vieve is great for dieting and helping to avoid those pesky mid-afternoon snack cravings, as it keeps you fuller due to the protein without bloating you.  

What really makes Vieve unique is the taste with over 4 unique fruit flavours profiles including Strawberry & Rhubarb, Citrus Apple & Mint, Watermelon & Orange Mango.  The product has received 300+ 5 star reviews online in just two years since launching.  Available on Ocado, Amazon, direct through as well
as about 150 independent gyms outlets across the UK. Vieve is great if you or your client are struggling to increase their protein intake and are looking for a great-tasting, sugar and dairy free alternative that still delivers a whopping 20g of protein per bottle.

“I found that a bottle could last 3-4 workouts due to it being heavier than a normal juice drink, but still just as juicy! Even after a few sips of the water, I was already feeling full. This is great as a pre or post-workout pick me up.” Niamh, PT Today.

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