6 Million More Brits Are Exercising Every Day In Lockdown

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With Brits having more time on their hands, and in their houses, than ever, Myprotein commissioned a survey via YouGov to find out just how this is impacting on the nation’s health.

Some key findings were:

·        Over one third of the UK population are now exercising daily – that’s nearly 6 million EXTRA Brits than before!

·        56% of Brits report being concerned about their health suffering – with poor diet being the top worry.

·        Londoners are the top worriers with ⅔’s reporting a concern.

·        The oldest group, 55+, saw the fewest changes to their eating and sleeping habits.

Myprotein nutritionist, Jennifer Blow, adds: ‘Being concerned about your diet right now is completely natural. When we’re bored or stressed, people often find themselves reaching for snacks (rather than making something fresh and nutritious). This could be the time to learn how to cook a new dish or get into batch-cooking.’

The survey also found that age is a huge factor. Gen Z’ers and Millennials are spending less time in the hay and having worse quality sleep – 25% of 25 to 34-year-olds report getting less sleep, and 39% report getting worse quality sleep.

Plus, with London the most stressed about their health, it also makes sense that the capital saw the biggest increase in taking immune support supplements. Nearly 1 in 5 Londoners reported taking more than they used to since lockdown.

For more stats and info please see the full report here.

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