The Role of PTs During Lockdown

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Hey there. It’s Alex Crockford here. I’m back with my second column with PT Today.

The world is a very different place right now. Our industry has been turned on its head (in an effort to help protect and save lives) and it’s had a huge impact on trainers across the world.

With that all in mind, I wanted to share my thoughts on how trainers can make the most of this time.


Continue your PT – Digitally

  • Not all clients will be up for virtual sessions, however, making the offer available to train them will go a long way to helping them stay on track whilst ensuring they are still your customer by the time lockdown is over!


Provide value in your online community

  • People are now on social media more than ever. This is a great opportunity to provide value to thousands of people, whilst also working on your personal brand. Stay true to your expertise and interests and create relatable content to match this.


Start online routine

  • Find your own online routine with either creating an Instagram live schedule for people to join, a regular IGTV posting or a Facebook/YouTube workout. If you provide a solution to people’s problems right now, then you could be coming out of lockdown with a bigger personal brand, and a strong online business.


Abide by the rules

  • It’s important to show your community that the self-distancing rules are important, but we can also be highlighting the many ways in which we can stay active within the rules, and promote the benefits this has for the mind and body.


Give to those in need

  • Being fit, healthy, staying at home, with plenty of food is a privilege. There are many who aren’t as lucky as us, so using this time to raise awareness via your social media by joining in on challenges or setting up campaigns is a great way to give to those who need our help during this time.


Be a general figure of positivity

  • Finally, it’s our duty to not only continue our work in health & fitness, but to also be a platform that people get a sense of positivity and relief from the negativity of the situation and the news. Use your platform to be positive, share positivity, and put smiles on people’s faces.




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