Tech Platform is Allowing Professionals to Monetise Their Services Online

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A new online platform called ​SoSpoilt is allowing fitness professionals to monetise their content and services from their own homes. This comes at a pertinent time, as more people than ever are spending increasing amounts of time online during COVID-19.

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● COVID-19 Pushes Up Internet Use 70% And Streaming More Than 12% (Source: ​Forbes​)

About SoSpoilt:

SoSpoilt is different from a social network, such as Facebook or Instagram, on which content from multiple sources is compiled into feeds. SoSpoilt is a platform that acts as a home for fitness professionals’ content but it can only be accessed by those who subscribe to that account. Subscription rates are set by the professionals.

SoSpoilt makes it possible to share photo and video content to subscribers. Once the content is uploaded, it can be browsed in a feed by your subscribers. This is perfect for fitness professionals, as they can upload routines and training videos for their clients and get direct income from it.

There is also a ​live streaming ​feature on SoSpoilt. This can be set at a pay per minute rate for any SoSpoilt member and/or free for subscribers. Streams can be fed to one, or multiple people at once. This ideal for fitness professionals who can’t conduct their usual classes due to social distancing measures.

Social media is used to promote SoSpoilt accounts. Including a link in social media bios and posts will promote traffic to it. It’s a great chance for fitness professionals to make use of the following they may already have.

It is possible to link a SoSpoilt account to your Twitter account, ensuring that each time new content is uploaded a tweet goes out announcing so to your following.

Case Study:

Joe Butler is a fitness trainer whose day-to-day work has been affected by the pandemic:

Joe Butler

“As a personal trainer with a large client base in a commercial gym, I was forced to shut up shop and stop running my business. This was tough, I lost a lot of clients initially and a lot of money VERY quickly. But I bounced back, I quickly transitioned online, training a majority of my clients virtually!

The hardest part, was convincing my clients that I could still deliver the high-end service they expect over the phone.

“Platforms like SoSpoilt allow me to get creative, by targeting an audience who already engage with my content, but in a way that I can get paid, rather than just post for the sake of it.

Joe Butler

A membership site is something I always wanted to create for myself, but this was a much longer-term goal. So now I am able to direct clients to my page and set a subscription price that I think is applicable for the content I am producing.

“I believe the lockdown will certainly influence more people to engage with online services for the content they feel is valuable to them.”

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