Use Mindfulness for a Happy Work-life Balance

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87% of Gen Z business owners practice mindfulness compared to 6% of 55-64 year olds

To understand UK attitudes to work, health and happiness, Esme Loans surveyed over 500 business owners and employees

Only 12% of employees aged 18-24 said they were very happy with their work-life balance, compared to 60% of business owners

67% of 18-24 year old business owners work every day during annual leave

Esme Loans carried out two simultaneous surveys with business owners and employees to better understand who is healthier and happier in their job. With questions varying from the number of sick days taken to the likelihood of working on their day off.

Esme Loans discovered a lot of things on the way too, such as:

–          Owners of gas and electricity businesses work an average of 75 hours a week compared to 45 hours from business owners in other industries, with those in the education/health/social sector the least at 35 hours

–          The survey also revealed male business owners and employees work 25% and 17% more than the average women respectively

–          When it comes to location, it’s no surprise that business owners in London worked the most, averaging 51 hours compared to 42 in the Midlands.

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