How To Balance A Healthy Lifestyle With Your Full-Time Job

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Say Hello To Summer With KBK – Fresh, nutritious meals delivered to your door by national meal prep service, just in time for Summer 

Enjoy the flavours of summer with a selection of meal plans that cater to the needs of those wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. KBK’s healthy meal prep plans are bursting with flavour, helping dieters stay on track due to their quick and easy nature. A little less cooking and a little more living.

Ready to eat in minutes, each meal contains quality, natural ingredients, and is freshly prepared by a team of expert chefs, who have devised nine plans to suit a variety of needs, all with a healthy living lifestyle in mind.

With plenty of meals on offer, the meals include plant based, vegetarian, lunch, juice cleanse and also an office two day plan to ensure you can lead a healthy lifestyle whilst still working in an office.

The KBK meal plans are the perfect way to eat healthy, but not miss out on tasty, flavoursome meals. The meal plans have in fact been proven to help with medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes and obesity – due to being packed with nutritious ingredients.

Meals can be delivered to up to two addresses on Sundays and Wednesdays and they take just a few minutes to heat.

See below the meal plans on offer:


The juice cleanse is a great choice to boost the immune system and reboot the body ahead of a new meal plan.

KBK GET LEAN – £12.75 per day

The KBK Get Lean plan has been meticulously designed with the highest quality ingredients and all the nutrients a body needs whilst looking to get in shape. (include meal example)

KBK BUILD – £20.45 per day

The KBK Build plan helps clients gain muscle and stay trim in the healthiest possible way, ensuring their body gets all the nutrients, vitamins and sustenance it needs to stay in tip-top condition.

KBK OFFICE – £10.15 per day

This plan takes the hassle out of preparing lunch with meals delivered to the home or office.

KBK LUNCH – £5.95 per day

The ideal plan for those who get tired of the same boring lunch every day. Spice up weekly lunches with our wide range of delicious, freshly-prepared meals.

KBK VEGETARIAN – £11.03 per day

This plan is perfect for vegetarians looking to maintain a balanced diet.

KBK PLANT BASED – £13.75 per day

A healthy, plant-based diet shouldn’t be a chore!

KBK STUDENT – £10.00 per day

This plan is a perfect fit for anyone looking for convenience in their daily life.

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