Introducing EMS..….Create a competitive advantage, helping PTs stand out from the crowd 

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The 2019 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that, at the time of publishing, the UK fitness industry was healthier than it had ever been. We had more gyms, more members and a greater market value than ever before. The total UK membership broke the 10 million mark and the industry was said to be worth more than £5 billion for the very first time. However, COVID-19 has changed everything, and as an industry we have had to weather the storm in order to future proof our businesses.

Whilst the future for fitness continues to look uncertain, there’s no doubt that PT’s are also having to look hard at their own businesses, and where necessary, diversify in order to stand out from the crowd. This is where miha bodytec can help.

miha bodytec is a whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) training system made in Germany designed to stimulate all major muscle groups at the same time – condensing a two-hour gym session into an ultra-efficient 20-minute workout. The iBody system is designed to be worn while a person performs slow controlled exercises at the same time as the stimulation. This combination creates up to 40% increased activation with a voluntary contraction at the same time as the electrical impulse. It’s a completely different full body training method backed by years of scientific research.

The need for PTs to diversify in the current climate is more vital than ever. And whilst that’s a lot easier said than done, one way to attract more clients is to offer something unique or innovative, and EMS training presents a great opportunity to do just that.

The momentum for this type of training is mounting and it’s exciting to see so many new providers entering the space. Already popular in other European markets, there’s a big opportunity for UK operators and PTs who want to attract new clients. Not only does it incorporate some incredibly sophisticated technology into a workout, it can open new revenue streams because this type of training is effective for so many different types of people.

EMS works beautifully for people who don’t like the typical gym environment. Sessions are always one-on-one or one-on-two, so the personal training aspect is appealing to people who find the gym floor or group exercise studio intimidating. Similarly, it’s a great form of exercise for unconditioned or sedentary people. It’s low-impact and low-commitment. One, 20-minute session once per week is all that’s required for people to see results. For that reason, it’s also a great option for busy professionals who can’t make time for the gym. EMS can also be a great tool for recreational or elite athletes looking to gain an extra edge in their training.

The opportunity to unlock a new audience with EMS is particularly exciting. EMS provides an efficient way to strengthen and tone the body but most importantly, with only bodyweight loading providing less joint stress compared to conventional training. This enables and appeals to a wide range of user types which allows PTs to broaden their client base and in turn, their income potential. Our EMS method is easy to learn through a certified course and puts the trainer at the heart of the delivery.

We’re sure you will find the inspiration for your own business by becoming an UK EMS trailblazer.  The next step is simply to try it! Connect with the UK team for your free demo and see the potential for yourself.

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