‘Fakeaway’ Recipes From Myprotein

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Craving a trip to your favourite restaurant or bored with your go-to recipes at home? 

Myprotein has created a series of fakeaway recipes to help you stay on track while still enjoying all the flavours and food that you just can’t kick the cravings for.

First up, our Zingy Chicken Burger – these juicy chicken fillets paired with an irresistibly zingy, crunchy coating are sure to hit the spot.

Missing your local Chinese? Myprotein’s Fresh Spring Rolls with Satay Sauce may fill that void.

A delicious batch of spring rolls with two different filling options, one totally vegan friendly.

Plus, with just 73 calories per spring rolls, you can have a treat without the cheat!

Next up, a staple treat, pizza!

This BBQ Chicken Pizza with Garlic & Herb dip still gives you all the flavours that you love, without as much of the guilt!

This Thai Green Curry with Noodles is not only an ideal way to make one of your restaurant favourites, but it’s also batch-cooking friendly, making it even easier to add to your dinner-time favourites!

Quick to make and at just 535 calories per serving, what are you waiting for?

Jennifer Blow, nutritionist at Myprotein, said “Everyone will be daydreaming about their favourite restaurants or dishes right now, so it’s important to keep some sort of treat in your life. And, with just a few easy swaps, you can enjoy the flavours you love without even having to worry about undoing all of your hard work working out at home. 

With these super-easy fakeaway recipes, you can make your daydreams a reality — no matter what goal you’re working towards or training routine you’re sticking to.”

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