How To Nurture Your Business

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It is important to have a plan, in any aspect of life, but in business it’s ESSENTIAL.

Without a plan you cannot organise yourself and you have nothing to measure progress against. Just as you will, no doubt, encourage your clients to set SMART goals and to implement processes that help them to achieve their desired outcome, you need to do this also.

But I’m not going to write here about setting goals. Instead, I want you to think about what YOU need to do, how you need to THINK in order to be a better business person.

It is time to work on your business rather than in your business. What do I mean by this? Here are a few examples:

  1. Could you build yourself a new awesome website using a free/small fee platform like Wix or Weebly?
  2. Could you spend the time writing a new program or service offering that when you are back and we’re back to business as normal, you have something to come back with a BANG with?
  3. Could you overhaul your customer service system and how you take care of clients better?
  4. Could you create a new library of videos to educate your clients in a simple drobox folder, google drive or YouTube account? 
  5. Could you write a book, or recipe book or powerful assets that promotes you as a local expert in your niche? 
  6. Could you network and spend the time building a local group of likeminded people, such as working to support the business of a local physio, osteopath and sports team which may be more affected than PTs and gyms?

Use the internet and other technologies to improve the service you provide and even help you deliver the same quality coaching to more people. This could mean that moving forward, you become exclusively an online coach, or you could build a hybrid business that offers both in-person and online options at different price points, therefore, expanding your business model and earning potential.

In addition to that, you could look at skills to develop and that will make you better at business. If your business has dropped off now because of the pandemic, could you use the extra time to improve your skillset? Maybe do an online business or marketing course – Just be careful where you go for that because there are a lot of ‘gurus’ giving out terrible business advice. Look for someone with strong values, who is customer focussed rather than money focussed.

Maybe it’s time to get that level 4 in PT referrals, post-natal or back pain? Or, perhaps you could upskill your nutrition knowledge by doing a nutrition certification. Obviously, I’m only going to recommend the BTN.Academy here, which is still the only level 4 accredited nutrition qualification in the country.

Perhaps you need to work on your own mindset and mental health? The fitness industry is full of young insecure wannabe models and influencers who have a terrible body image, despite what they post in their carefully posed for, filtered Instagram selfies. Your clients are often vulnerable and require patience, compassion and intuitive coaching. Clearly, the better the relationship you have with yourself you’ll be in a far better position to help your clients.

Things are uncertain right now. The world may well be a very different place from now on, but this is also an opportunity to adapt and grow. Learn new skills, learn to be better. Don’t see problems, see opportunities. Now you can rise up and INSPIRE.

Ben Coomber is a Performance Nutritionist (CISSN), coach (S&C), international speaker and fitness educator. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated podcast Ben Coomber Radio and educates the nutrition coaches of the future at The BTN Academy.



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