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A hectic lifestyle is often cited as one of the key reasons that people cannot keep up a regular exercise routine. As a result, people are constantly looking for more efficient ways to get fit quickly or condense an effective workout into a shorter time period. That’s one of the reasons why High Intensity Training (HIT) continues to gain in popularity as one of the fastest, most effective ways to get in shape quickly.

But what if you could achieve HIT training results even faster and without the potentially dangerous impact on your joints?

Enter miha bodytec: a whole-body EMS (WB-EMS) training system made in Germany.

miha bodytec created their WB-EMS system in 2007 and designed it to stimulate all major muscle groups at the same time, condensing a two-hour gym session into an ultra-efficient 20-minute workout. The kit is designed to be worn while a person performs some basic exercises at the same time as the stimulation. This combination creates 40% increased activation with a voluntary contraction at the same time as the electrical impulse with 98% of the muscle bed activated and fast twitch fibres on impulse. For some time in the UK, EMS has been associated with portable home devices bought online or on shopping channels. These devices often allow the user to do absolutely nothing while the device stimulates a small muscle group causing a contraction. WB-EMS from miha bodytec, on the other hand, is a completely different, Professional Grade training method backed by years of scientific research.

HIT Training certainly has its benefits but studies show that whole-body EMS (WB-EMS) workouts, using technology like the miha bodytec system are just as effective, and they require far less time to reach the same results. They are both approaches to generate time-efficient, favorable changes in body composition and strength. But can you really get the same results as a regular HIT session with WB-EMS?

Most standard HIT classes are 30-45minutes of short, sharp exercises and people need to do this type of workout at least two times per week to see results. EMS sessions, by contrast, are just 20 minutes and only require one session per week.  Also add in something about less injury risk as low impact with only body weight joint loading.

Also something around WB EMS is more accessible appeals to a wider variety of people compared to HIT

Like any new technology, EMS can sometimes be met with hesitation, but all you need to do is look to the thriving EMS trainers around the world and to see the impact this technology is having on their business and clients. The best way to understand it is to simply put the suit on yourself and give it a try.

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