miha bodytec – the whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) training system set to shake up the industry

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There’s no doubt that as EMS training cements its place within the training routines of many people, more and more of us will become aware of miha bodytec – the leading manufacturer of EMS training equipment.

miha bodytec is a whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) training system made in Germany designed to stimulate all major muscle groups at the same time – condensing a two-hour gym session into an ultra-efficient 20-minute workout. The kit is designed to be worn while a person performs some basic exercises at the same time as the stimulation. This combination creates 40% increased activation with a voluntary contraction at the same time as the electrical impulse. It’s a completely different training method backed by years of scientific research.

Momentum for this type of training is also mounting amongst PTs as a new revenue stream, and it’s exciting to see so many new providers entering the space. Already popular in other European markets, there’s a big opportunity for UK operators and PTs who want to attract new clients, but also for consumers who want to mix up their routine.

Put the simply, the potential for growth of EMS training in the UK is vast.

Let’s look at the figures…… The EMS market is booming across the globe and in particular mainland Europe. In Germany for example, the number of studios jumped from 1,205 in 2018 to 1,335 in 2019. In France, they currently have more than 800 EMS operators with their leading provider BodyHit having seen rapid growth in the last two years – they aim to have 100 studios by the end of the year, with plans for a further 40 next year. This is all despite the fall-out from Covid-19!

For many people here, the technology is still new relatively new, so compared to the rest of Europe, the UK market is very much in its infancy but that’s what makes miha bodytec so exciting. In this country we have more like 100 units in operation, including the likes of Bodystreet who are the biggest international franchise with more than 300 global studios, 8 of which are in the UK. And then there’s Surge. They have two studios, one in Hammersmith and the one that recently opened in Bank, plus another almost ready to open in Fleet Street. Vive also opened in Westminster earlier this year so even in a year badly affected by Corona Virus, the appetite is definitely there.

It’s safe to say that the benefits of EMS training for both the PT and the user are spreading. And if it’s something you think you’d like to learn more about then there is no substitute for trying it first-hand. Contact us for a free trial, and see what the buzz is all about for yourself.




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