Urban Drivestyle launches “UNI Boost” e-scooter for everyday urban life! 

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From the trend setting Berlin based e-mobility company, Urban Drivestyle, comes the UNI Boost Scooter. Fast becoming the go to company for unique, functional e-bikes and scooters with a retro look. Their range brings you a real alternative to sitting in city traffic.

Built with functionality in mind and engineered from chrome steel to ensure a longer life, these new scooters are setting the standard in terms of robustness, security and multi-functionality.

What we have found to be the most inspiring thing about the Urban Drivestyle range is their dedication to practicality. The ability to adapt storage solutions to your needs mean that these scooters really do go that extra mile for 21st Century life.

Equipped with a large ride platform to ensure that you can comfortably find the space to secure any cargo you might need for your ride around town. Sporting a long life battery system allows distances of up to 25 miles and, as you would expect with an e-vehicle, the ride is silent and swift. Don’t get caught short with a flat battery or decreased power – these are a thing of the past. What we were most impressed with is the ability to handle inclines and not to worry so much about those pot holes, coblestone and tramway tracks you encounter on your day to day. Take it from someone like our editor who has broken their arm due to a pot hole and smaller, less robust tyres from a cheaper off-the-peg model (not by Urban Drivestyle). We love the added safety and security that you will appreciate on this scooter. Designed to take a hit and keep on wheeling, you will not be disappointed. 500w of power and a breaking system to match make the UNI Boost range the king of the road.

The wide 20×4 inch tyres, typical of Urban Drivestyle, give a unique look and at the same time ensure that added safety on the roads, needed in todays urban environments.

The relaxed handlebar ensures that you have everything under control at all times, these machines are so smooth that you could theoretically drive with one hand*.

Urban Drivestyle have gone that extra mile with their LCD display, giving you important information such as speed and mileage, something we are yet to come across on other scooters.

The “UNI Boost” is a real Urban Drivestyle icon, designed for life in the fast lane and holding true to the Urban Drivestyle mantra of making driving functional and fun.

As with the other range from Urban Drivestyle the UNI Boost can be fully customised, want new handles? No problem! Coloured rim-tapes? Sure, they have you covered! It really does make each one unique to the rider and that is something that has to be appreciated in all its glory.

One of our favourite parts of this scooter range is the ability to couple up with load systems and trailers. Yes you heard me right, you can add a trailer to a scooter! You can even add the children’s bike trailers to one of these beasts, meaning you can now factor in bigger trips and longer distances with your precious cargo in tow.

Specially designed luggage racks make the scooter multifunctional and a real alternative to travelling by car. “Scooters do it right“, says Ossian Vogel, founder and Product developer at UD. “We have taken an overview of all modern mobility concepts to help us to identify exactly what potential there is in them. Kick scooters always bothered us by being insecure and shaky. This is not only difficult for tall drivers and bad weather, but can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. We wanted to develop a scooter that was a real permanent alternative to cars and the like.”

There really is something for everyone over at Urban Drivestyle, we cannot wait to get uploading more videos for you on this amazing machine when we put it through further tests in August. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for regular updates. If there is something you want to ask, email me at editor@pttoday.co.uk and I will check it out in the park or on the road and let you know. I will be sure not to break any more bones in the process.

In my opinion if you are looking for a real alternative to standard day to day transport you need to be looking at these scooters. If a bike is more your thing, get over to the Urban Drivestyle website and check out their amazing fleet and keep looking for our next feature on the full e-bike range coming soon.

For more information on the UNI Boost please visit www.urbandrivestyle.com

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