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Supporting the fitness industry deliver health and wellness in one

Power Plate is encouraging its community to stay fighting fit this winter with a campaign intended to encourage comfort and confidence as well as boosting health and wellness.

With UK Active research declaring that facilities are ‘almost risk free’ environments and consumer data showing that people intend to exercise more thanks to the pandemic (University College London report), the fitness industry is perfectly positioned to meet this new appetite for health and wellness.

David Minton, The Leisure Database agrees; “We need a new response if individuals and governments are to improve levels of health & fitness. We need to make the most of the profound change that simple shifts in attitude and habit can have.”

With fitness consumers, staff and facilities concerned about ensuring safety and managing anxiety on top of maintaining their usual practices and routines, Power Plate wants to make it easy for clubs to create trust and drive adherence.

Under the banner of ‘Smarter, Shorter, Safer’, their campaign encourages engagement, health integration and diversity to help facilities stay relevant, drive satisfaction and operate with ease.

Steve Wright, VP EME at Power Plate comments; “We’re working with our partners to position an all in one wellness solution for all ages and abilities that is easy and efficient to use and operate.

With one person per machine delivering a full body solution, limitless applications across the gym floor and supporting a variety of training styles, this optimizes confidence and experience.

Power Plate technology is actually the ultimate results hacker, delivering better results in less time for members seeking new ways to workout safer, in less time, without compromising results.”

Whatever the requirements, Power Plate has a solution that will increase engagement levels, promote PT sessions and provide members with a shorter, smarter, safer and more personal fitness experience.

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