EMS: a fully COVID-safe offer

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As uncertain times continue, the fitness sector is working hard to keep sites open, clients coming back and businesses afloat.

Since COVID-19 burst into all our lives in March 2020, the only thing which has been really certain is uncertainty. But there are glimmers of hope.

Coronavirus has raised fitness and health to the forefront of public consciousness and people have begun to realise the untold benefits of keeping themselves fit and of being active.

This presents a huge opportunity for the sector, and personal trainers in particular, who often appeal to audiences that are new to exercise or aren’t keen on the gym environment or who are looking for noticeable results in limited time.

For PTs, the real opportunities now lie in diversity. And the key to standing out from the crown in a post-lockdown fitness setting is offering a COVID-safe workout that differs from the norm.

Enter EMS Training.

EMS is a whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) training system designed to stimulate all major muscle groups at the same time, condensing a two-hour gym session into an efficient 20-minute workout, offering HIT results in half the time with minimised injury risk.

It allows PTs to offer an innovate, low-impact route to fitness that’s suitable for everyone, whether they’re new to working out, time poor or struggling to achieve their goals. EMS works just as well for someone looking to hone their athletic performance as it does for a time-poor client intent on body sculpting in a hurry.

Perhaps most importantly right now though, EMS training is a completely COVID-secure way to stay fit while mitigating any risk. Each client takes ownership of their brand-new base layer and, in between sessions, the training system is thoroughly cleaned to adhere to strict COVID standards.

All EMS sessions are personal trainer led, with one trainer to two clients max, so they’re ideal for exercisers looking for the safest way to train. The iBody system is worn while client performs slow, controlled exercises, which don’t require any hands-on corrections, allowing everyone to maintain adequate social distancing.

And finally, sessions can take place just as easily in the client’s home or garden as in a studio or workplace, or on the gym floor, as COVID allows. This allows PTs to be completely flexible to their clients’ needs and safety requirements.

EMS is a once-a-week, 20-minute, highly efficient and completely COVID-secure solution.

The EMS method is easy to learn through a certified course and, while the equipment does require an investment, miha bodytec offer an affordable leasing partnership. Connect with the UK team for your free demo and see the potential for yourself.

Inspired? Connect with the UK team for your free demo and see the potential for yourself: info.miha-bodytec.com/personal-training-uk?utm_medium=editorial&utm_source=pt.today&utm_campaign=uk.lp.pts.partners.roi


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