EMS: How to get your first client

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EMS has been used in physiotherapy, fitness and muscle strengthening since the 1970’s, but since then the industry has evolved dramatically. Modern EMS training equipment uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles, causing them to contract harder, for longer. The result is a safe, ultra-efficient 20-minute workout that delivers noticeable results in a fraction of the time.

EMS Training is a great opportunity to differentiate your offering in the crowded fitness market. The kit requires very little space and low start-up costs alleviate the financial barriers for many PTs; the business model can also be extremely lucrative.

Despite the incredible scientific credentials, informing people about the benefits of EMS can still be challenging. Task one is to elaborate on the benefits they’d receive from EMS training.

It works beautifully for people who don’t like the typical gym environment. Sessions are always one-on-one, maximum one-on-two, so the personal aspect is appealing to people who find the gym floor or group exercise studio intimidating. Similarly, it is a great form of exercise for unconditioned or sedentary people as it is low-impact and low-commitment. One, 20-minute session once a week is all that is required to see results. For that reason, it’s also a great option for busy professionals who can’t always make time for the gym.

On the flip-side, EMS can be a great tool for recreational or elite athletes looking to gain an extra edge in their training and increase performance across strength, speed and endurance. EMS training can be effective for any type of athlete, which is why many professionals including Usain Bolt have used it to bring them into top form. EMS is scientifically proven and backed by numerous studies, which prove this type of training effectively targets fast twitch muscle fibres, increasing hypertrophy. Results show improvements in speed performance by 30% over a three to six-week period for elite athletes, as well as advances in maximal strength and jumping power.

Lastly EMS can be effective for older clientele. Despite the well-established benefits of physical activity for older adults, seniors age 75+ are among the most sedentary Brits. Most older adults won’t participate in traditional forms of fitness for several reasons but EMS Training removes all barriers, providing an efficient way to increase or maintain muscle mass and function. A low-impact workout, it’s accessible, completely safe and scientifically proven to reduce sarcopenia.

Retention rates for EMS are more than 85%. This means that when people try it, they want to come back – try offering a free taster session to get them hooked.

Alex Parker, Personal Trainer at KX in Kensington, started training his clients, including some famous faces, using EMS. In only a month, he has managed to build up a substantial client base. Alex uses the device with his clients on the gym floor and has received a lot of interest from onlookers, wanting to know more about the technology and how it can help them to achieve their goals.

“Since trialling an EMS session a few years ago, I have kept it in the back of my mind, knowing it had great potential for helping to build my business portfolio and give me a USP. Consumers are interested in the role technology can play in their fitness more than ever before, so now really is the perfect time to bring EMS to the masses,” says Alex.

“Once I transitioned a number of my clients from a normal personal training session onto EMS, they never want to go back. It is also convenient for me as I am able to fit more sessions into my day for the same price as a sixty-minute PT session. It is the perfect service for helping to bring in more revenue. In time, I hope to buy a second device and look to hire another couple of trainers to run their own EMS sessions under a franchised business.”

Connect with the UK team for your free demo and see the potential for yourself: info.miha-bodytec.com/personal-training-uk?utm_medium=editorial&utm_source=pt.today&utm_campaign=uk.lp.pts.partners.roi

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