EMS: Low impact, big hitting workouts

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EMS is one of the most efficient, advanced workout tools on the market. As well as being extremely effective at activating the muscles, it has the added benefit of being low impact, which makes it suitable for everyone from professional athletes to the elderly, and even for rehabilitation and those recovering from injuries.

Big hitting

EMS stands for Electro-Muscular Stimulation. An external EMS device is used to send a finely tuned electrical signal to muscles, causing them to contract. It mimics the natural signal sent by the brain but is more powerful. By combining a ‘free will contraction’ that occurs during exercise with the external stimulus from the EMS device, individuals can activate up to 98% of their muscle fibres. With conventional training methods, people only activate around 60% of their muscle fibres.

EMS has also proven to be as effective as (High Intensity Training) HIT in increasing muscle strength and size in a 16-week study.  Activating almost every muscle in your entire body, the added stimulation makes even the most basic exercises seem incredibly challenging. Just 20 minutes of movements and exercises, with additional stimulation provided by the electrical pulses, adds up to a very intense workout in half the time.

Low impact

EMS uses slow, controlled movements, which make it safe, low impact workout that still delivers high levels of muscle activation. The EMS machine activates muscle fibres with no additional stress on the tendons, ligaments and joints.

This makes it perfect for athletes looking to increase muscle activation levels and optimise their performance, without adding additional stress to their joints. Elite athletes have used EMS as a safe, effective way to increase performance across strength, speed and endurance.

However, EMS isn’t limited to the elite. A recreational runner training with EMS posted improvements in her 5k and 10k time by 45 and 90 seconds respectively, in just six weeks. When EMS is combined with sport-specific training, whether that be running, tennis, triathlon or football, users see cumulative effects and generate faster neuromuscular adaptations.

It is also ideal for anyone recovering from injury or going through rehabilitation. The electrodes can be placed around the surrounding injury to activate the muscle fibres, helping to retain and recover muscle mass. And numerous studies have also shown EMS is safe and effective for unconditioned or sedentary clients.

In the first instance it can be used to increase muscular strength and even stop osteopenia, helping strengthen the bones of older people. It’s also ideal for older people who wouldn’t be suited to going to the gym, perhaps because of physical limitations or the noise levels and lack of affordable supervision. EMS Training removes all these barriers providing an efficient alternative to increase or maintain muscle mass and function. This low-impact workout is accessible, completely safe and scientifically proven to reduce sarcopenia.

Whether your clients are athletes, brand new to fitness, young, or old … EMS can help them get stronger and healthier.

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