Pioneering wellbeing support to explosively grow the impact of the fitness workforces

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Fitness legend, Emma Barry, and leading global fitness sector experts, Lucy and Matt Adey, the people behind Good Soul Hunting – an executive search brand for purpose-led health and fitness companies – have teamed up with global wellbeing platform, Juno. Together, they will provide individualised wellbeing support to employees, helping the world’s fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech companies to thrive.

Good Soul Hunting, the executive search company specialising in the fitness and wellness tech markets, has partnered with on-demand wellness hub, Juno, to help create happier, healthier, more productive workforces and explosively grow their impact.

The pioneering, wellbeing-based support package will see those placed in new roles by Good Soul Hunting being offered access to Juno’s full range of workplace benefits. Good Soul Hunting will gift Juno points to each employee that it places. These will be deposited in an account for the employee to access, and the points can then be spent on benefits and experiences of their choice.

Juno’s global network of partners – which includes the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp, FitBit, 305F, Hello Fresh, and many more – offers access to a wide range of tailored benefits, encompassing fitness, mind, health, nutrition, and entertainment.

Recognising that starting a new job can be one of life’s most stressful events, Good Soul Hunting launched the new service wanting to ensure that each employee it places gets off to the best start possible.

“We’re lucky enough to work in one of the most exciting and dynamic sectors in the world and one which has captured the cash and attention of the tech giants from Silicon Valley and beyond,” says fitness legend and Chief Creative Soul for Good Soul Hunting, Emma Barry, who has pioneered some of the sector’s most groundbreaking companies and movements including Les Mills International and Equinox.

“We understand that game-changing businesses need the very best talent within the global marketplace. By matching good souls with the right roles, and then providing the wellbeing tools employees need to be successful, both in and out of work, through our partnership with Juno, we feel we can do even more to help businesses within the fit-tech, health-tech, and well-tech industries to flourish, both now and in the longer-term.”

The motivation for the partnership between the two trailblazing brands is also based on research by Oxford University’s prestigious Saïd Business School, which shows that happy employees are 13 percent more productive.

“At Good Soul Hunting, we don’t just place people in new roles. We stick around to build a framework in which they’ll flourish,” begins Lucy Adey, Co-founder and Chief Executive Soul for Good Soul Hunting.

“We wanted to do something to congratulate a candidate on getting a new role, but we wanted to avoid the champagne bottles and run-of-the-mill gestures which have become commonplace within the recruitment industry.

“Our whole philosophy, when it comes to executive search, is to “help first, hunt second”, so we wanted to do something that aligned with our brand values, supported both candidates and companies, and linked to the sectors we work in.”

Verity Roach, Head of Marketing for Juno, said: “Our mission at Juno is to educate and enable businesses to provide individualised wellbeing support to employees and to see the impact this has on the happiness, productivity, and engagement levels within their workforces.

“In partnership with Good Soul Hunting, we are trying to change the way new starters – and employees in general – are supported with their wellbeing. We truly believe that, together, we can drive change and make a global impact.”

Supporting the scaleups and trailblazers of today and the heroes of tomorrow, Good Soul Hunting partners seamlessly to attract, acquire, and retain the most gifted talent globally, enabling organisations to grow and flourish. With the expertise and experience to find these business transformers, Good Soul Hunting knows how to attract them, and isn’t just another firm hiring from similar companies in the same sector.

 What makes Good Soul Hunting unique is the desire and ability to draw on both data and human insight, or the “good soul formula”, which matches cipher and soul to purpose and goal. The team is currently creating meaningful connections and drawing upon previous partnerships and networks to accelerate the future, push and challenge boundaries, and collaborate to be a part of the future health solution. In Juno, Good Soul Hunting has a partner that can help further this vision.

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