Ten Health and Fitness launch Corona virus recovery programme

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TenClinical, the clinical division of boutique fitness provider Ten Health and Fitness, has launched a Coronavirus Recovery programme. The programme is an evidence-driven and clinically proven recovery and rehabilitation programme specifically designed for those who previously contracted and are still suffering from coronavirus. It is designed to help reduce the impact of long Covid symptoms and help patients recover faster from its impact.  The programme is now readily available in studios across London.

For many people, the recovery period post-coronavirus can actually be worse than the infection itself.  Ten’s Coronavirus Recovery programme has been created to offer maximum benefit to those struggling with the symptoms of long Covid. Rather than being an app-based or generic approach, this is totally bespoke – each programme is individually tailored, science-led, delivered and monitored on a 1-1 basis.” Adam Hewitt, Head of Clinical, Ten Health & Fitness.

TenClinical was set up in 2018 to be London’s leading clinical exercise rehabilitation facility. Its focus is to provide rehabilitation and exercise therapy to patients with a clinical need. Usually, patients have been diagnosed with cancer, cardiac conditions, diabetes, or other debilitating conditions. They work closely with London’s leading hospitals and clinical practices receiving referrals from London’s top surgeons, Doctors and consultants to help patients recover.

Long Covid symptoms and severity vary from person to person, but commonly include diminished lung function, heart problems, muscle and joint disorders and chronic fatigue.  It can also exacerbate underlying health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. There are many similarities between the symptoms of long Covid and those patients with chronic lung conditions, COPD, recovering from heart attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. This places TenClinical in the optimal position to help patients recover, as Ten’s Clinical team already has a depth of experience treating patients with these, or similar symptoms.

As with all the clinical exercise programmes, each long Covid programme is designed around each individual client’s symptoms, condition, health and exercise history, along with a number of other factors. It is carefully prescribed, science-led, and delivered by highly qualified and trained Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

Although the recommended plan will vary significantly depending on the severity of the virus suffered and the post-viral symptoms to be addressed, common elements will include:

  • Comprehensive COVID19 specific initial assessment of pulmonary, pulmonary,                cardiovascular and muscular levels/strengths
  • Continued management of heart rate response to exercise
  • Blood pressure management
  • Management and supervision of respiratory response to exercise
  • Tailored and prescribed exercise plan including resistance and aerobic based exercises.
  • Frequent reassessments monitoring progress
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