Surviving the festive PT Period

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Multi-award-winning PT offers some tips on how to use the festive period to plan & prep for success

With the excitement of the festive season, the annual Christmas TV adverts behind us and the imminent sales rush of the New Year appearing over the horizon, Thousands of fitness professionals have been taking some well-deserved downtime before the ‘New Year, New You’ rush.  At least, that should have been the plan.

No matter what 2020 did for your business or how you would like 2021 to go, it is vital to take time out at the end of the year (or early at the start of the new) to rest, recover, summarise and plan ahead.  The festive period is not just a season of goodwill to others; it should always be a period of goodwill to yourself and the development of your business.   Also, remember that the festive season has always been at the same time each year.  It is no longer a surprise.  You should have planned for it.

Nonetheless, while the masses are on the slow slide to confectionary box hell, you should be keeping things ticking over with your business and enabling yourself the best chance of hitting the ground running in the New Year when people suddenly ‘click back into gear’.  Read on for some simple 30-minute ideas that you can add to your ‘PT toolbox’ and may help make a difference.

  1. Be clear with your Planning

You should write down a 5-minute list of all your business ‘wins’ of the previous year, then take 5 more minutes to list all the challenges that affected your business in a negative way, and finally, use the remaining 20 minutes to create a blueprint list of how you will continue with the positive and create solutions to minimise the effect the challenges had on you.

  1. Spring clean your Image

Look at yourself, your image, your branding, your marketing, your social media persona and the language you use.  Does it match with the clients you train or wish to train? Are you following the crowd and forgetting that your strengths lay in your being an individual? Often masses of fit pros are influenced by the few and this can seriously harm your ability to run a successful business.  The high quality, professional shots of the topless 25yr old PT working out on the Miami beach will get likes, but mimicking that shot in the hope of gaining new face-to-face business as a 45yr old in Colwyn Bay may not be the best business tactic and could distance you further from business.   Take 30 minutes (a day until completed) to ‘spring clean’ your social media of memes, pics, posts that could hamper your chance to be considered as a potential investment for someone.

  1. How much do you want to earn?

So many PTs work hard, day in and day out, without ever taking the time to plan on what they want to earn that year.  If you can take 30 minutes to write down what you NEED to earn to survive (mortgage, rent, bills, travel, gym membership, fuel, etc.), then you can calculate how best to reach that goal as a minimum and exceed that goal for the progression of your business.  Example – £30k is £2500 per calendar month; £2500 is £625 per week; £625 at £30 per hour is 21 hours work per week; 21 hours per week could be a blend of 1:2:1 PT, small group training, group fitness or online coaching.

  1. Ask questions?

Do not be afraid to ask questions to your friends, family or followers to gain a greater insight into how you could run your business differently or more effectively.  Spend 30 mins (directly or create an email questionnaire) asking them about their needs, likes, dislikes, goals, spending practices and use this information to develop your business.  Never assume.

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