Interview with Personal Trainer Rebecca Whittle

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We were lucky enough to have a chat with London-based PT, Rebecca Whittle and find out everything from lockdown woes, to how she stays physically and mentally healthy, and of course, we couldn’t miss out on the all-important question- what’s for Christmas dinner?
PT Today:  How have things changed for you since lockdown 2.0?
RW: I’ve had to adjust like most personal trainers and move clients either outside or online. I think lockdown one certainly threw people off as it’s a situation no-one has really dealt with before but we were much more prepared for the second one! Now I’m looking forward to welcoming back old and new clients to a gym environment!
PT Today: How are you currently training clients?
 RW: As mentioned online and outside, it’s a bit trickier now as it’s so cold but my clients are troopers and so mentally strong!
PT Today: How are you looking after your physical and mental wellbeing thing about lockdown?
RW: I still train every day. Whether it’s a 30 min HIIT session or a run outside. It’s important to keep a routine for both your physical and mental wellbeing! Saying that it’s a crazy situation so of course, we all have a down day, myself included. It’s about learning to ride the wave and not being too hard on yourself!
PT Today:  What is the worst thing about lockdown?
RW: Being stuck indoors! As a private personal trainer, I’m outside and on the go every day. To be restricted was so hard for me especially during the first lockdown where we could only go out for an hour to exercise. I can’t wait to be out and about!
PT Today:  Unlike the first lockdown (where we were restricted to one form of outdoor exercise per day), we are able to have unlimited forms of outdoor exercise – what does this mean for you and your clients!
RW: As it says, my clients can do a session with me and can also take that afternoon walk to clear their heads with their loved ones too. It’s having some kind of freedom back which we all need.
PT Today: Now that you are home more what is your diet like? What do you wear?
RW: My diet is the same but what a good time to start cooking different meals and experimenting. I eat well, protein carbs, vegetables but I’m very much open to a Friday treat. I’m a huge burger fan! I think it’s all about balance! I pretty much live in sports clothing, leggings, and a top! My god, I sound so boring! Haha!
PT Today:  Have you upskilled or found a new interest or hobby this season?
RW: I’ve been reading a lot more actually, learning new exercises, studying! It’s nice to have that time to do something for yourself, I’m a big believer in taking an hour a day to do something for you, lockdown or no lockdown.
PT Today: What would your advice to other personal trainers at this time?
RW: Keep going, keeping pushing and keep inspiring others. Now more than ever, everyone is looking at you for guidance, reassurance and inspiration. Be someone they aspire to be ☺️
PT Today: What would your advice be to fitness enthusiasts at this time?
RW: Get creative. Everything you need to stay fit and in shape isn’t just in a gym. There are millions of things you can still do, don’t get disheartened, plan ahead and go for it!
PT Today: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
RW: I hope in 3 years to have my own studio, that would be the dream! Then build on that but let’s see, we haven’t really been in control of our 2020 so far!
PT Today: How do you encourage your clients to keep fit?
RW: Ultimately it’s up to them but I try to remind them of the above, about their specific goals and the journey they have been on.
PT Today: How will you be spending Christmas and what’s for dinner?
RW: What’s for dinner! A roast of course!! I’ll be back in Kent with my family and there will be a LOT of food so I may have to refer to my own advice 🙂
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