Take your client’s performance to the next level with EMS

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Performance improvement can occur in many different ways, depending on the form of exercise being undertaken. From beginners to elite athletes, all clients are trying to improve their own performance, be that running further or faster, lifting heavier weights or beating a personal best and anything in between.

Recruiting more muscle fibres is one of the most effective ways of improving performance, but the body is adept at recruiting as few as possible in any given task – as hard as we try our bodies are fighting against us, programmed to expend as little energy and effort as possible.

Activate up to 98% of muscle fibres

The external stimulation from miha bodytec’s iBody EMS device activates almost every single muscle fibre during exercises. EMS uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, causing them to contract harder and for longer. The result is a safe, ultra-efficient 20-minute workout that delivers quick, noticeable results in a fraction of the time a regular workout would take.

EMS training can give recreational or elite athletes that extra edge in their training, which is why many professionals use it to help bring them into top form. Whether the sport of choice is tennis, triathlon, running or football, EMS training effectively hones performance for any type of athlete.

EMS training is scientifically proven, backed by numerous studies that evidence this type of training can effectively target fast twitch muscle fibres, increasing hypertrophy. Results for elite athletes show improvements in speed performance by 30% over a three to six-week period, as well as advances in maximal strength, jumping power, speed and endurance.  What’s more, it places no load joints during strength training, meaning EMS training is well suited to people with problematic knees and backs, and ageing athletic joints.

And EMS isn’t limited to the elite. A recreational runner posted improvements in her 5k and 10k times by 45 and 90 seconds respectively, in just six weeks. When combined with sport specific training, all athletes using EMS training can facilitate cumulative effects and generate faster neuromuscular adaptations.

If you’re a PT and looking to give yourself, and your clients, the edge in the new year then get in touch. Connect with the UK team  for your free demo and see the potential for yourself: www.miha-bodytec.com


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