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Working out is a very personal experience, with everyone favouring different workouts. However, when you have a specific fitness goal, opting for a personal trainer can help you maximise the effects of your workout. Here, Common Purpose share five benefits of having a personal trainer rather than working out alone:

1. Avoiding injury – Receiving proper training when learning how to use new gym equipment minimises your risk of injury. As well as this, correct form is important when doing circuits or lifting weights. A personal trainer can ensure that your posture and form are correct when working out.

2. Pushing the limits – Personal trainers have the ability to challenge you in order to maximise the results of your workouts. Instead of shying away from exercises you may not try on your own, they can guide you through personalised fitness plans.

3. Realistic goal-setting – Setting goals is key in feeling like you are accomplishing things whilst working towards your ideal level of fitness. Trainers can help you make these goals realistic and therefore achievable. There is nothing more disheartening than failing to reach a goal you have set for yourself.

4. Results, results, results – A common reason people embark on a fitness journey is to see changes in their body and levels of fitness. A personal trainer can ensure that your workout time is used effectively, maximising results in a shorter time period. If left to their own devices, people often wind up sticking to the same machines or routines.

5. Lifestyle changes – As well as workout changes, trainers can help individuals reconsider how they view health and wellbeing in its entirety, encouraging healthy lifestyle changes that can be applied after sessions have finished.

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