Diversify with EMS and reap the rewards

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Since COVID-19 burst into all our lives in March, the fitness sector has taken a hit. But with a proven vaccine at last being rolled out, the seeds of regeneration have been sown – now’s the time for PTs to grab newly forged opportunities with both hands.

These opportunities lie in diversity. The key to standing out from the crown, to pulling in new clients post-COVID, is offering something above and beyond the norm. But while diversifying sounds like a great idea, how easy is it really? Standing out from the UK’s very accomplished PT crowd is simpler to say than do. Unless you have EMS on your side.

miha bodytec’s whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) training system stimulates all major muscle groups at once, condensing a two-hour gym session into a super-efficient 20-minute workout. The iBody system, worn whilst a client performs slow, controlled, low impact exercises, creates up to 98% muscle activation.

EMS training works just as well for a client looking to hone athletic performance as it does for a time-poor client intent on body sculpting in a hurry. And with many gym goers still struggling with confidence issues, one-on-one EMS sessions also enable you to offer a COVID-secure solution.

COVID-19 has raised fitness and health to the forefront of public consciousness and EMS training offers PTs the versatility to reach out to the myriad of new clients looking to put their health first. People want to make a change, EMS can help them.

What’s more, while an average PT session lasts an hour, offering EMS means you effectively can train two clients at once, potentially seeing up to four an hour, without impacting session quality. Also consider you can charge the same rate as a regular PT session yet deliver in half the time – maximising income and improving your work life balance.

The UK market is growing, fast … now is the time for pioneering PTs to offer something unique and leverage EMS training to engage a new demographic. Inspired? Connect with the team for your free demo: www.miha-bodytec.com

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