EMS for women

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Imagine being able to offer your female clients a workout that takes just 20 minutes, once a week. A workout that activates the notoriously difficult to train pelvic floor and deep core muscles. A workout that strengthens back muscles. A workout that’s as effective as a 40-minute hardcore HIT session1, with considerably less sweat.

EMS Training can offer all this and more.

EMS stands for Electro-Muscular Stimulation. miha bodytec’s iBody device sends finely-tuned electrical signals to muscles, causing them to contract. It mimics the natural signal sent by the brain but is much more powerful. In fact, combining exercises like squats and lunges in a one-on-one PT session with the external stimulus of EMS activates up to 98% muscle fibres, making it one of the most advanced, efficient workout tools on the market.

The stats stack up, too.

  • Some 25% of women suffer from a weak pelvic floor and stress incontinence. Studies at Bayreuth University in Germany found 75% of women showed an improvement in pelvic floor issues after a course of whole body EMS.
  • After 14 weeks of EMS, female participants also reported a positive impact on abdominal fat and notable weight loss.
  • EMS has also proven effective at fighting osteopenia in older women, helping to strengthen the bones along with the muscles and tendons3.

Let’s face it, after a tough 2020 when a world turned upside down saw many of us letting exercise slide and me time become a dim and distant memory, we all need something to help us get back on track.

EMS could just be that something.

It’s quick. It’s low impact. It’s almost like it was designed for upping your offer in 2021.

Now is the time for pioneering PTs to offer something unique and leverage EMS training to engage a new demographic. Inspired? Connect with the team for your free demo: www.miha-bodytec.com

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