This is how long you’re likely to stick to your new year’s resolutions

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How many new year’s resolutions have you broken? Probably one too many. It’s easy to make promises after an indulgent Christmas period, and doubly easy to backslide after you’ve been in a new routine for a couple of weeks. You might feel a little down about not sticking to your goals, especially if you’ve bought new fitness kit, but it’s very normal to want to lapse after a couple of weeks.

Research conducted by running app Strava found that most fitness based new years resolutions last about. as long as January 19th, which has been dubbed ‘Quitters Day’. based on global athlete data from 2019, we’re most likely to give up on our goals around 3-weeks into the year. This is not ideal of course because a fitness regime is a long-term plan. The idea of quitters day may be discouraging but according to Harvard University. The Harvard report found that “an ambitious aim often inspires others around you” as people take on their own challenges and step in to help you achieve your own goals.

However, the report goes on to say you should break this goals up into smaller pieces. Many personal trainers recommend using the SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) to help you draft your goals.

If running a marathon feels like too much for you, but you still want to improve your long-distance running, you could sign up for a race (specific, measurable) which is at half-marathon distance (achievable and relevant) which takes place in September (time-bound).

The Harvard report also said you should be rewarding yourself on a regular basis for your hard workIt says: “Don’t wait to call yourself a winner until you’ve pounded through the last mile of your big dream marathon or lost every unwanted ounce.

Health changes are often incremental. Encourage yourself to keep at it by pausing to encourage yourself to keep it by pausing to acknowledge success as you tick off small and big steps en route to a goal.


Reference: Fit & Well

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