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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for centuries but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that it began to be used in physiotherapy, fitness and muscle strengthening. Since then, the industry has evolved dramatically.

Modern EMS training uses suits to generate electrical impulses and stimulate muscles to contract harder, for longer. The result is a safe, ultra-efficient 20-minute workout that delivers noticeable results in a fraction of the time it takes to do a normal workout.

Starting a fitness journey

EMS is perfect for PT clients just beginning – or restarting – their fitness journey.

Coronavirus disrupted everyone’s schedules and plans, and many exercisers simply wrote off 2020, deciding to cancel gym memberships and begin again in 2021. EMS is an ideal solution for anyone looking to re-integrate fitness into their lives, or to begin a fitness journey for the first time. Sessions are always one-on-one, maximum one-on-two, so there’s no intimidating gym floor or group exercise studio for people who don’t like the typical gym environment. Similarly, for people still concerned about COVID-safety, EMS lends itself naturally to social distancing.

And for unconditioned or sedentary clients, EMS is low-impact and low-commitment. One 20-minute session once a week is all that’s required to see results. For that reason, it’s also a great option for busy professionals who struggle to make time for the gym.

It can also be effective for older clientele. Despite the well-established benefits of physical activity for older adults, seniors age 75+ are among the most sedentary Brits, the least likely to participate in traditional forms of fitness, perhaps due to physical limitations, the intimidating atmosphere, the noise levels or the lack of affordable supervision. EMS Training removes these barriers providing a scientifically proven, efficient way to increase or maintain muscle mass and reduce sarcopenia.

Offering EMS as a PT

Looking to differentiate your offering in a crowded fitness market? miha bodytec’s iBody kit requires very little space and the low start-up costs alleviate financial barriers. Retention rate is incredibly high – more than 85% – and the business model can be extremely lucrative. Years of scientific research, coupled with irrefutable results, means EMS clients are easy to entice and keep.

If you’re a PT looking to give yourself the edge, connect with the UK team for your free demo and see the potential for yourself: 


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