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Although we find ourselves beginning the year in the confines of a new lockdown, it’s with a greater optimism for 2021 as a proven vaccine begins to roll out. It’ll take time for fitness businesses to return to pre-COVID normality, and there’s bound to be hurdles along the way, but there’s now a greater sense of collective hope.

COVID has schooled the nation in the importance of health and wellbeing – people have finally begun to accept the crucial benefits of keeping themselves active. For PTs who position themselves correctly, the coming year could shape up to be hugely positive.

For now, as you await reopening, the opportunity lies in ensuring you stand out from the crowd as a safety-first fitness offering; one that’s fully COVID-secure until the time we’re all holding out for, when that’s no longer required.

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) – a whole-body system that stimulates all major muscle groups at once, condensing a two-hour gym session into a 20-minute workout – offers you and your clients this security. It’s 1-2-1, each client wears a new base layer and, in between sessions, the system is thoroughly cleaned, meaning EMS training is completely COVID-secure. miha bodytec’s iBody system is worn while clients are directed to performs, controlled exercises, which don’t require hands-on corrections – so it’s also possible to maintain adequate social distancing.

This means that, as an EMS PT, you can remain a constant for clients – accessible, completely safe and highly efficient once this lockdown ends and just as effective when COVID is behind us. It’s the smartest way to train, and the smartest way to diversify your business

EMS also offers PTs an opportunity to work smarter. The chance to charge the same session rate but train clients in half the time, and so improve your work/life balance or to take on more clients to increase earnings as you strive to rebuild your business post pandemic.

The EMS method is easy to learn through a certified course and, while the equipment does require an investment, miha bodytec offers an affordable leasing partnership. Connect with the UK team for your free demo: www.miha-bodytec.com

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