Come out of lockdown fighting fit

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COVID-19 has hung around longer than any of us expected, but with a proven vaccine being rolled out, we can at least hope that this lockdown might be our last.

As we await the go-ahead to re-open fitness facilities and begin training clients again, now is the ideal time for PTs to examine their business and look at ways to diversify, so you come out of lockdown fighting fit.

What do you offer that’s above and beyond the norm? How does your PT offering stand out from the very accomplished crowd? What’s your competitive advantage and how will you fight for your share of clients in the delayed January rush?

whole-body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) is a way for PTs to offer their clients a super-efficient, highly effective and proven 20-minute workout, which stimulates all major muscle groups at once.

How does it work?

An EMS PT session with miha bodytec’s iBody system condenses a two-hour gym session into less than half an hour. It’s a completely different full body training method backed by years of scientific research.

Clients wear a specially created suit to perform slow, controlled, low impact exercises in a one-to-one setting. The suit creates up to 98% muscle activation meaning EMS training works just as well for time-poor clients as it does for those who are unconditioned or athletes looking to hone performance.

Already successful in other European markets, now is the right time for UK PTs who want to attract new clients to explore EMS training’s potential.

What’s more, while an average PT session lasts an hour, offering EMS means one PT effectively can train two clients at once, potentially seeing up to four an hour, without impacting session quality. Also consider you can charge the same rate as a regular PT session yet deliver in half the time – maximising income and improving your work life balance.

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