The new HIT on the block

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Want to help your time-poor PT clients get results?

Pre-pandemic, a hectic lifestyle was the most often cited reason why people couldn’t keep up a regular exercise routine. And now? With many juggling lockdown, homeschooling and working from home, or simply lacking motivation as gyms are closed, time to exercise is perhaps even more constrained.

For those looking for a way to condense an effective workout into a shorter time period, high intensity training (HIT) has grown in popularity. Yes, it’s a proven route to better fitness and it gets results, but most standard HIT classes are 30-45minutes of high impact exercises and people need to do HIT at least twice a week to see results. Plus, not every client gets on with high impact training.

Have you heard of EMS training?

It allows PT clients to achieve HIT training results even faster, without the potentially dangerous impact on joints? miha bodytec’s whole-body EMS (WB-EMS) training system, made in Germany, stimulates all major muscle groups at the same time, condensing a two-hour session into an ultra-effective 20-minute workout.

The suit creates electrical impulses, which increase muscle activation when performing slow, controlled exercises by 40%, with 98% of the muscle bed and fast twitch fibres activated on impulse.

Studies show that EMS training is as effective as HIT and requires far less time to achieve the same results. They both generate time-efficient, favorable changes in body composition and strength but EMS sessions are low impact, last just 20 minutes and only require a single session per week.

The best way to understand EMS is to put on the suit and give it a try. Contact us today to explore the new HIT on the block.

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