Booty Builder launches V8 model and aims to get the nation’s butts moving again

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Booty Builder, creator of the original hip thrust machine, has just launched its brand-new V8 model to the UK market, which it hopes will deliver the glute workout that gyms, and indeed their members, have been waiting for, while also inspiring the nation’s desk workers to get their butts moving again.

Recent research by office equipment firm, Fellowes* showed that 81% of British office workers spend between four and nine hours each day glued to their desks. Furthermore, a study commissioned by LinkedIn in partnership with The Mental Health Foundation* discovered that people have been clocking up a staggering 28 hours of overtime per month while working from home during the pandemic. Therefore, it’s not only imperative that we take the time to exercise, but also that we get those sedentary muscles moving again – and there’s no bigger muscle in the human body than the glutes.

From gym members wanting strong glutes, to medical facilities and professional sporting teams, Booty Builder has a wide range of users – including the likes of Gymbox, Gold’s Gym and the LA Lakers – and can benefit exercisers of all ages, genders and ability/experience levels.

Following on from the release of Booty Builder Station – a full-body workout station designed specifically for small gyms and home users – the V8 will replace the popular 7.0, which, in recent years, has helped this fast-growing fitness brand to become a worldwide name and a leader in the glute workout category.

Built on the experience of Booty Builder’s seven previous models and retaining the patented raised feet design that puts the user in the ultimate position to isolate the glutes – making it the stand-out glute machine in the industry – the V8 has otherwise been totally redesigned. As a result, it’s easier, safer and faster to set up and use.

Furthermore, a sizeable reduction in its footprint means the V8 takes up less space, enabling operators to make the most of their gym floors in conjunction with capacity and social distancing regulations.

Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, the exclusive UK distributor for Booty Builder, spoke of her excitement at launching the V8 model: “People are now realising the importance of glute activation for physical function, strength and performance, and the pandemic has made people place even more emphasis on their health and fitness.

“With the V8, gym-goers can now get a better glute workout than ever before, waking up and strengthening those inactive muscles. And the great thing about its design is that it allows operators to achieve more with their space, which is a great fit in today’s landscape given the reduced gym capacities and social distancing measures.”

The Booty Builder V8 eliminates the need to occupy benches, barbells, weight plates, and floor space, and the innovative design makes it possible to place it close to a wall, or into a corner. Additionally, the adjustable cushioned belt makes it comfortable and easy to set up, which are big advantages.

“We cannot wait for people to start experiencing the V8, which, once again, shows Booty Builder’s dedication to innovation and delivering the best workout experiences possible,” added Tracy. “Muscles situated near the pelvic region play a huge role in movement and stabilisation, and so regular glute training can help at all stages of life. Exercising the glutes can help prevent issues such as hip flexor, IT band tightness and lower back pain, which can be other side effects of spending hours upon end working at a desk. If we want a stronger, healthier nation, we ought to be prescribing glute workouts – and we think there’s no better way to achieve this than with the Booty Builder V8.”

For more information about the Booty Builder V8 or other products in the Booty Builder range, visit or contact Tracy Morrell via: or call (+44) 020 7272 0770.

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