There isn’t one client who hasn’t loved EMS

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Personal trainer Sarah Biker, from Bedale in Yorkshire, invested in miha bodytec’s i-body EMS system in December 2020, and is already seeing improvements to her business, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

“I’ve always loved sport and was a massive gym junkie, but my career was in sports massage. When, after 15 years, I developed quite serious eczema from doing so much massage, I retrained as a personal trainer, working with clients in a converted barn at my home.

“The first time I tried EMS for myself I absolutely loved it. The effects on my body were almost instant – just one session made my abs pop out. I remember thinking ‘I can’t live without this!’ From a personal point of view, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep doing six hours of exercise a day forever – I trained alongside each client and was getting joint and knee issues. Using EMS with them would make me stand back and give my body a breather, while still giving them an effective session.

“Plus, I wanted more time to spend with family – I have three young children – without reducing my weekly revenue. Offering EMS means I can charge a higher price for a session that lasts half the time. Win win. I calculated it will take me a year to earn what I’ve invested in miha bodytec’s i-body system and, after that, it’s all profit. I decided to go for it.

“Because of my background in sports massage I have lots of injury prone clients; EMS is the ideal solution for their rehabilitation, plus it’s much easier on me than doing endless massage. Offering EMS has enabled me to appeal to huge range of new clients; I have gained new customers even in lockdown, all set to begin when the restrictions lift.

“I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t love it. My really fit clients love the challenge and newer customers who’ve come to me to get fit rave about it; they find it much less intimidating than using weights. I have lots of clients with impact issues who can’t do HIT and I think they love EMS more than anyone – all the benefits with no jumping! Most of my clients do one PT session as well as one EMS session, so I’m getting them for an extra session a week, too.

“EMS has already made a difference to my business and I think that’s only going to keep improving when lockdown ends. It’s new and it’s exciting, so few people have heard of it up here in Yorkshire so it feels exclusive, and most importantly it works and gets results.”

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