EMS gives me a fast, deep workout that’s impossible to get anywhere else

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Lindsey, 41, from London has been doing EMS Training for more than a year.

‘Before having my two children, who are now four and six, I was a long-distance runner. I trained for and ran marathons and did BodyPump classes to tone. That was my way to stay in shape. It worked, but I had to do three BodyPump classes a week, plus my running, to see the any results.

‘It took time. Time I didn’t have when I became a mum. I struggled with post-pregnancy weight gain, which I just couldn’t shift, I had no energy and just felt so blah. None of my work clothes fit and the thought of going back into corporate world felt so intimidating. I work full time in the tech space, my husband is at work all day too, so I had literally no time to exercise once my children arrived. I couldn’t face going to the gym when he got home at 8pm and I’m so not a 5.30am workout person.

‘I kept seeing EMS ads in the window of Surge, a studio on my local high street and always wondered what it was. One day, I decided to just go in – they offered me a free trial and that was it, after one session I was hooked.

‘EMS Training was a very powerful experience for me, right from the beginning. I noticed a tremendous change in my body shape the first few weeks and I’ve noticed a tremendous change in my posture, strength and muscle tone. It gave me hope that I could maybe get my old shape back after five years dedicated to pregnancy and breastfeeding! EMS made me feel good again.

‘For me the biggest pull is how EMS fits with my lifestyle; the time I have to spend working out versus the results. Even with my previous running and BodyPump schedule I plateaued and then nothing changed, no matter how hard I worked. This is a fast, full and deep workout that it’s impossible to get anywhere else. Just 20 minutes once a week and I’m done. And the results keep coming.

‘My trainer can focus on certain areas and really fine tune the workout to target problem areas and we always get cardio in. I leave shattered but charged up with endorphins and in such a good mood. It’s 100% changed my life.’

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