Heading holistic: The key to futureproofing your PT business

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Ben Pratt, Programme Coordinator and Tutor for Nordic Fitness Education, explores the changing face of PT and why adding specialist skills, like sleep coaching, to your toolkit can expand your client base and earning potential.

During the pandemic-induced lockdowns of the past year, online training and coaching have skyrocketed, with many personal trainers (PTs) discovering that they can generate revenue either on their own or in addition to their day jobs in brick-and-mortar facilities. 

At the same time, people have become significantly more health-aware since the outbreak of Covid-19. According to consumer experts, FMCG Gurus, 64% of consumers have become more conscious of their overall health and wellbeing because of the pandemic. 

This is further supported by research from global healthcare company, GSK, in conjunction with international market researcher, IPSOS, which shows that 62% of people in the UK are now more likely to consider their health in day-to-day decision making, rising to 70% among Europeans aged 16-24. Sport England* also found that “62% of adults in England say it’s more important to be active now, compared to before coronavirus”. 

The pursuit of wellness was a fast-growing movement before the pandemic and is now an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle – something that will continue to accelerate in the years ahead. ‘Self-care’ (the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health) has become the essential new mega-trend, while people’s appreciation of the major role immunity plays in maintaining a healthy life has also greatly increased.

As the world adapts to a ‘new normal’ post-pandemic, we need to be cognisant of the permanent shifts in consumer behaviour – remaining agile while upping our portfolios to meet their full range of needs. 

With gym-goers and PT clients likely to continue wanting face-to-face, online and hybrid memberships, as something that’s become ingrained in their psyche, PTs will not only have to keep up their phygital (physical and digital) A-game, but also find new ways to maximise each channel and extend their offering beyond just fitness.

By expanding their knowledge base to include wellness-based services, a clever PT can seize this opportunity to positively impact the whole-person health of their customers – creating a larger, stronger, more engaged, and more diverse client base. 

Sleep coaching – an in-demand service to add to your portfolio

One area of health that’s been gaining attention is sleep – both quantity and the quality of sleep. It is something that’s integral to our lives, but often overlooked or neglected in busy or overwhelming times.

By disrupting our work, home and family lives, bringing about profound changes to our daily routines, interactions with others, and all-round physical and mental health, the pandemic has subsequently impacted our sleep. A study by the Mental Health Foundation found that the coronavirus had negatively affected sleep for more than a quarter (26%) of UK adults (18+). Nearly half (48%) of adults agreed that sleeping badly harms their mental health, with 43% feeling more irritable or angry, 42% more stressed and overwhelmed, 35% more anxious, and 21% more tearful.  

This being the case, there’s much work to be done in raising awareness around sleep and supporting people in this area. As PTs, we are in the privileged position of being able to reach people in their homes, at the gym, outside, and on-the-go, meaning we have the power to change people’s lives for the better.

By training as a Sleep Recovery Specialist with leading health and fitness training provider, Nordic Fitness Education, you’ll be able to offer clients, or gym members, a unique sleep coaching service.

Besides improving mental health, sleeping well also has significant benefits for physical growth and recovery from exercise, as follows:


  • Managing hunger and cravings more effectively, thus improving daily dietary choices
  • Reducing risk of weight gain and insulin resistance
  • Increasing muscle repair and growth stimulus in the post-training period
  • Improving new movement skill development
  • Sharpening decision-making skills (especially important in sporting performance)

By increasing your list of skills to include Sleep Recovery Specialist, you’ll be even better equipped to help your clients achieve their physical and mental health goals. 

Able to provide a more holistic service alongside regular diet and training, you’ll open the door to an even wider client base and additional revenue opportunities while playing an important role in the nation’s preventative health strategy and recovery from Covid-19.

In a world where the definition of health is changing and people are looking for a more holistic service, it could be time to transform the PT role and reposition yourself as a specialist wellbeing coach, with sleep coaching being a key tool in your repertoire.   

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