Claire Worman osteopath, Pilates tutor and EMS trainer

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It has everything … it’s fast, affordable and it works for anyone

Claire Worman is an osteopath, Pilates tutor and EMS trainer. She first encountered EMS 18 months ago

“I was training for a triathlon and took to EMS straight away. My strength noticeably increased with each session and, although EMS was the only thing I’d added to my routine, my waist toned up. Plus, it had a hugely positive effect on other training – my running, cycling and swimming all improved.

“I’ve always worked in the fitness sector, as an exercise to music teacher then teaching and assessing exercise to music courses. I trained as an osteopath 21 years ago. I knew from the offset I wanted to use EMS with my clients and invested in a miha bodytec i-body system September 2020. I use EMS as part of rehabilitation and osteopathic treatments, as well as for standalone fitness sessions. It’s like missing link for my patients – getting their brain and muscles to connect.

“I treat new patients with osteopathy first, to see what’s not working. If the problem is muscular, I then suggest EMS – 90% of clients have given it a go. From a practitioner point view, EMS is hugely successful in rehab; I’ve often felt I’m flogging a dead horse trying to get clients to connect with muscles groups that have become lazy or inhibited. EMS addresses this perfectly, it’s an automatic, pain free wake up for muscles. For clients suffering with joint pain, scared it’ll hurt to do convectional exercise, EMS loads the joints without pain.

My clients love it. As sessions are 20 minutes max they don’t get sweaty, they arrive ready and off they go – many nip in during their lunch hour. Just in the last 12 months I’ve helped alleviate lower back pain in a horse rider and fixed what I call ‘lockdown dining room chair syndrome’, both using EMS. Another client was an air stewardess – because of a career in heels she had chronic lower back pain, which cortisone injections and shockwave therapy had failed to relieve. She couldn’t do any exercise as it would increase inflammation and aggravate the pain. She’s now on her 16thweek of EMS training, she’s no longer apprehensive of movement and she’s never been so mobile.

The success rate for pain relief has been through the roof; EMS is just a real diamond. It has everything … it’s affordable, it’s not time consuming and it works for anyone.

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