Accelerate success in the new normal

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With consumer change happening at pace, PTs must diversify to thrive in the new normal

 Phil Horton, Country Director UK, miha bodytec  

Since reopening began earlier this month, consumers have thankfully flocked back to gyms and personal trainers. No one knows how long this wave of enthusiasm for health and fitness will last, so it makes sense to capitalise while demand is high.

Post-COVID, consumer habits have changed. Whether it’s omni-channel consumption of fitness services or more wellness-focused, mindful workouts, most of the habits we see now were already there, in the background. The pandemic has simply accelerated that change so they’ve proliferated more quickly.

With the nation’s renewed focus on wellness and health being at the forefront of public consciousness, there are countless opportunities for our sector. But as legendary US Justice and champion of civil liberties Louis Brandeis said more than a hundred years ago: ‘in differentiation, not in uniformity, lies the path of progress’ – a century on, this sentiment still rings true. For personal trainers especially, opportunity and growth lies in diversity. The key to pulling in new clients and encouraging old ones to return is bring agile, reacting fast and offering something above and beyond the ‘usual’.

Up your game

Chasing differentiation can quickly become an expensive distraction if core elements of your offer aren’t operating at 100%. It stands to reason, therefore, that your first focus should be on client experience. Get the basics right and do them well. Only then can you distinguish yourself by offering something better. Investing in the latest trend will without doubt individualise your offer, but it’ll only be advantageous if you opt to invest in best-in-category, scientifically-proven training systems.

Consumers are actively seeking new technological solutions so forward-thinking PTs will recognise the power of attracting clients with a technically advanced training technique. Whole Body Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB EMS) is one such technique, which can give you an edge over other PTs. It activates up to 98% of muscle fibres simultaneously, versus 60% with conventional methods, offering a way to leverage higher revenue per hour and delive effective PT sessions in just 20 mins.

EMS training will allow you to create an innovative offer that’s suited to every client, whether they’re new to working out, time restricted, recovering from injury, wanting to hone athletic performance or simply don’t like traditional gyms. WB EMS actually delivers the same results as High Intensity Training but in half the time and with less strain on the body – it the smart way to train and the smartest way to diversify.

If you’re a UK PT you can try EMS for free. Book your session at miha-bodytec-uk

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