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Since the pandemic upended everyone’s lives last March, the fitness sector has been struggling to stay afloat. With lockdown easing and fitness centres and PTs at last allowed to welcome back customers, the seeds of regeneration are being sown.

Many feel that hope in on the horizon, but mixed messages proliferate in the media. Some sectors are reporting that half of pools, gyms and leisure centres in England are at risk of closure in the coming six months (Guardian Online) and around 400 gyms, pools and community centres have already shut since the start of the pandemic.

It’s heartening to see other factions predicting a boom in post pandemic fitness thanks to a surge of newly converted fitness enthusiasts. Figures from the British Heart Foundation show that 64% of people surveyed say exercising is a priority in the wake of coronavirus – up 6 per cent compared to before the pandemic – with one in three saying this is because the pandemic led to their fitness deteriorating.

Even those who never before considered taking up exercise are now open to finding a route into fitness, but clients are also savvier than ever, thanks to a proliferation of competitors, such as online and app-based offers. For personal trainers, now is the time to diversify to take advantage of newly forged opportunities and grab your share of the fitness wallet with both hands. Opportunity and growth for the sector lies in innovation, offering something above and beyond the norm.

Chasing differentiation can quickly become an expensive distraction if core elements of your offer aren’t operating at 100%. It stands to reason, therefore, that your first focus should be on client experience. Differentiate yourself simply by being better than your PT counterparts. Understand the average customer experience and offer something more. Get the basics right and do them well.

Investing in the latest trend can without doubt differentiate your offer, but Brits are skeptical so opt to invest in scientifically-proven training systems … and then execute them better than anyone else. Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is one such technique, that can give you an edge over competitors, a way to leverage higher fees per session and an innovative offer suited to everyone, whether they’re new to working out, time restricted or wanting to hone athletic performance. Creating up to 40% increased muscle activation, EMS condenses a two-hour session into an equally effective 20-minute workout. It’s a smart way to train and a smart way to diversify.

Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. Once you’ve found your USP, created your differentiated proposition and you’ve got clients who truly believe in your product, encourage them to tell friends – they’ll be the best possible spokesperson for your brand.

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