Introducing iFIT Mind: revolutionary interactive experience of mind and body workouts

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Outlook-dqdoau53.pngiFIT enters the mental health space with iFIT Mind while pledging $75,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

iFIT, the world’s leading on-demand fitness streaming platform and sister brand to Freemotion, is proud to introduce iFIT Mind, a revolutionary interactive experience of mind and body workouts.

For a flavour of the iFIT Mind experience, click here.


Launching in National Mental Health Awareness Month, iFIT Mind offers unique, groundbreaking workout series that expand the definition of what it means to exercise. iFIT Mind is invested in the life of each individual user, curating diverse workouts that infuse all aspects of wellness practices like meditation, breathwork, and visualisation with interactive virtual personal training. Learning from leading experts in both physical and mental training, users are given the support and instruction to become the best versions of themselves through the three Ms: mindfulness, meditation, and movement.

Offering a plethora of transformative experiences around mental resilience, anxiety, mood food (nutrition for your mind), mind-body connection, self-love, healing practices, and so much more, iFIT Mind provides the ultimate solution for helping users to make meaningful, sustainable changes in their lives.

Considering that “one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives” according to data from the World Health Organisation* and 792 million people worldwide live with a mental health disorder, estimated by Our World In Data, we must continue to strengthen our response as an industry and do all we can to support not only the mental wellbeing, but whole-person health, of members.

“The iFIT Mind selection is curated and designed to enrich the harmony between physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing,” said Mark Watterson of iFIT. “By launching iFIT Mind, we aim to encourage our members to safeguard their mental health and connect with others in their lives, further solidifying iFIT’s dedication to personalised interactive training.”

Available exclusively in commercial fitness facilities on Freemotion cardio equipment, including the all-new, iFIT-powered 22 SERIES, iFIT Mind is the perfect antidote to support today’s increasingly health-conscious consumers across the wellbeing spectrum and provides a great tool for operators to attract, engage, and retain their members now and in the post-pandemic age.

Dan Toigo, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Freemotion, believes iFIT Mind is an absolute game-changer for the industry. He said, “We live in a world where people are taking a deeper and deeper interest in each aspect of their health; something that’s been both intensified and accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. iFIT Mind is the perfect marriage of mind and body exercises, allowing users to work on multiple aspects of their wellbeing at the same time. That’s a really powerful tool and something that fitness facilities around the world can harness through Freemotion cardio equipment to provide even more value to their members’ lives. It’s a complete difference-maker on so many levels.”

Each workout in the iFIT Mind series is guided by one of the highly experienced and engaging iFIT Mind Trainers, Experts, and Advisors:

Neuroscientist, assistant professor of business, investor, and former hacker

Leading spiritual teacher in the field of yoga, meditation, and conscious leadership

Big wave surfer

Professional kayaker

World championship handcycling athlete

Renowned mental conditioning expert and strategic advisor to some of the world’s most elite performers

Pro paddleboarder

Motivational speaker

Leading expert in sports psychology and performance

Renowned resiliency expert, physician, author, speaker, scientist and consultant

Internationally recognised expert in mindfulness and compassion

Personal trainer and mental health advocate

Acclaimed sports psychologist and coach to professional athletes and business leaders

To honour this new launch, and Mental Health Awareness Month, iFIT is also pledging to donate $75,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Both of these organisations have a proven record of developing and providing extensive programs and services dedicated to helping those with mental illness and their families.

Watterson adds, “iFIT’s donation will honour our commitment to raising mental health awareness, expanding public knowledge on mental health conditions, and providing resources for those who may be struggling.”

The World Health Report 2001: Mental Disorders affect one in four people

** Our World In Data: Mental Health

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