Explore the world as an “international PT” with new course from Nordic Fitness Education

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The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate enables students to train anywhere in the world and become an “international PT” with a certification recognised in a wide range of countries!


With the world starting to open up again and international travel edging its way back on the menu, the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) created by European health and fitness training provider, Nordic Fitness Education, aims to produce a new generation of “international personal trainers” that can study and practice their profession around the globe.

As the first fully online personal training (PT) course to be accredited by Europe Active, the European professional standards organisation for the fitness industry, the NPTC is an innovative, interactive, and highly effective online programme for becoming an internationally recognised Level 4 certified Personal Trainer.

Successful NPTC graduates are registered on the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), which is operated and maintained by Europe Active. EREPS currently has professionally certified members from 40 out of the 47 European members states, with a further 38 international countries also recognised within their membership numbers. Europe Active also boasts 22 European national fitness association partners who support and equally recognise the EREPS professional standards (correct as of May 2021). This all translates into world-leading, international recognition for fully certified PT graduates who are registered on EREPS.

“The NPTC is perfect for those who love fitness and travel and who want to realise their ambition of working as a PT abroad, either permanently or temporarily – and it’s one of the attractive reasons people choose the course,” says Ben Pratt, Programme Coordinator and Tutor for Nordic Fitness Education. “Of course, not everyone plans on going “international”, but it’s appealing to have the option up your sleeve.”

Another big reason why students are eagerly enrolling on the NPTC is the ‘flexibility factor,’ explains Ben: “For some people, face-face-face learning – even turning up for an in-person assessment as part of a blended course – is out of the question because of their existing circumstances, geographical location, or other personal commitments. The flexibility of our online course allows our students to study anywhere, anyplace, and anytime through an internet connection, which can be an absolute gamechanger and the difference between making their dream a reality or not.”

The NPTC is also attracting students who know they’ll be travelling during the course. Dagbjört, an Icelandic student, for example, began studying in Iceland, then travelled to Bali for a month where she continued the NPTC including her fitness internship, before completing the certification back in Iceland. An American student, Durell, studied and graduated while living and playing professional basketball in Denmark. Having international recognition was crucial for his career which has involved regular relocation.

“I’d always loved football and fitness, and I’d always wanted to travel, so when I heard about the NPTC, it was an absolute no brainer,” says Spanish graduate, Daniel. “The flexibility of the online training meant I could study around my daily commitments, and the education delivered by the Nordic Fitness Education tutors was incredibly supportive. I now have an internationally recognised PT qualification that has, quite literally, opened up the world for me.”

For professional athletes, PT may provide an interesting learning opportunity, either to support their existing training, to create an enjoyable side hustle, or as the next step in their lives beyond their chosen sport. The flexible nature of the course is equally important, says Ben: “We have a French professional footballer called Serge who started the course in Kazakhstan, had to return to France during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now playing in Lithuania and is very close to graduation. Travelling and moving countries is a way of life for many professional athletes, so the flexibility and “international” accessibility and recognition really matters.”

One other considerable advantage of the NPTC compared to other courses is that it’s hosted on a leading, industry-recognised, e-learning platform and app, which means students can access the course materials wherever they go.

“Whether a student is using a PC, laptop, or phone, working on the go, or heading away for a long weekend, where they have spare time to do some studying, all the options are at their fingertips,” says Ben. “It’s super convenient and that’s where an online course really is unbeatable compared to traditional, class-based, in-person courses.”

For more information about the NPTC and becoming an “international personal trainer,” visit:www.nordicfitnesseducation.com

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