Grow your female client base with EMS training

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Wendy Golledge, fitness journalist

Research suggests that not only are women’s stress levels rising, but they’re also more likely to suffer physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress than men. Only 29 per cent of women surveyed say they’re successful in their efforts to be physically active – compared with 54 per cent who believe this is important.

The ‘do it all’ generation of women is feeling the strain, more so than ever since the pandemic, and across most countries, women are as a result less active than men, with lack of time commonly cited as one of the most significant reasons why.

Personal trainers are uniquely placed to help busy women meet their exercise goals. Becoming EMS training certified means PTs can also offer female clients a workout that takes 20 minutes, just once a week.

EMS stands for Electro-Muscular Stimulation. miha bodytec’s iBody device sends finely-tuned electrical signals to muscles, causing them to contract. It mimics the natural signal sent by the brain but is much more powerful. In fact, combining exercises like squats and lunges in a one-on-one PT session with the external stimulus of EMS activates up to 98% muscle fibres, making it one of the most advanced, efficient workout tools on the market.

EMS is a workout that activates the notoriously difficult to train pelvic floor and deep core muscles, that strengthens back muscles and that’s as effective as a 40-minute hardcore HIT session1, with considerably less sweat. After 14 weeks of EMS just once a week, female participants taking part in one study reported a positive impact on abdominal fat and notable weight loss. It’s quick. It’s low impact. It’s almost like it was designed for upping your offer and targeting busy women in need of a new route to strength and fitness this year.

Now is the time for pioneering PTs to offer something unique and leverage EMS training to engage a new demographic.

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