PT Today is available to view online now

PT Today – Next Issue Coming soon!!!

The magazine will now be digital only, and available to our audience who have subscribed. Updated copies will be posted to our website and available through soon. All while we work on the app launch in the coming months.

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PT Today was launched in 2012 and went by the name PT Magazine, since then we have adapted over the ages to best meet our readers needs and the name has changed along the way to reflect this. There have been imitations, but there is only one PT Magazine, now called PT Today, it is as strong now as it was on October 12th 2012 when the first issue was printed.  We are the longest running magazine for Personal Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts, this is an undisputed fact. We have the largest audience and dedicated readership support and we thank all our readers past and future for their continued support.

PT Today – Through the ages, a look back at the last 9 years. 















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