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Reader Survey

Us here at PT Today would really like to know what you think of us and our business. As a result, we have created three different surveys, specific to you for you to complete. We realise how precious your time is. That’s why we made sure this survey will only take up to 5 minutes.

All these surveys are anonymous, we don’t ask for your name or your contact details. However, if you want to be informed about the results of this survey and receive other news from PT Today then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact page.

Think we were going to let you leave empty handed? 🙂 Take your allocated survey and have a chance at WINNING a prize. All individual to each survey.


Personal Trainer Survey

Are you a personal trainer? Are you wanting to find out how to improve your business and help your clients? Click Below.

Fitness Professionals Survey

Are you a fitness professional? Do you own businesses within the fitness industry? Click Below.

Consumer Survey 

Are you a general consumer and purchase our magazines or thinking about purchasing them? Click Below.


If you face any issues with these surveys or would like to ask us any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us from our Contact page or socials.


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